Alabama Football: Go Ahead and Celebrate a Successful Recruiting Year

Charlie MillsonCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2011

The man in the suit knows what he's about.
The man in the suit knows what he's about.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Most college football fans watch the high school recruiting process like hawks.

It has become in recent years an almost "second season" of college football.

Recruiting season and the associated pride in a team's success in the months-long venture grant the rabid fan a few weeks of his chosen sports drug between the end of the bowl season and the beginning of spring football workouts.

Since his arrival at the Capstone, Nick Saban has consistently had Alabama at or near the top of recruiting classes. 

That fact has given 'Bama fans much to cheer about—not that the on-field success in recent years hasn't given them enough to cheer about already.

The same is true of the 2011 recruiting class at Alabama. Players such as Trey DePriest and Shannon Brown, Jesse Williams and Demetrius Hart, Marvin Shinn and Quinton Dial will be future stars in Tuscaloosa.

These guys will come in and produce at a high level that will keep the Tide at the top of the football rankings as well as tops in recruiting.

When he arrived in Tuscaloosa, Saban told Alabama's Athletic Director, Mal Moore, that his success would be directly tied to the quality of player the team could recruit. And Saban was right.

So, even if Alabama doesn't win some mythical "recruiting championship" or get dubbed, "best recruiting class" for the year, 'Bama fans can rest in the fact that Saban and his staff are getting the players they need to continue to compete for national titles on the field.

And that's where it counts.

Sit back and enjoy the fun, but go ahead and celebrate; Alabama is getting the high school players the team needs.