Bo Pelini, Nebraska Cornhuskers Rests on More Than Marlon Lucky

Peter RCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

The pundits and pessimists are writing off the rest of the season. Everyone who has seen Bo Pelini's Huskers play all three games this year knows there is room for improvement.

A late fumble on the snap exchange by the second string quarterback cost the Huskers a shutout last week against New Mexico State.

There have been some flashes of brilliance and some really bone headed plays. Some of those are from the same players.

People in Nebraska are asking why Cody Glenn wasn't playing linebacker last year. He has gotten better and missed fewer reads each week. Freshman Eric Hagg is getting more comfortable every week in the complex nickel back position.

A season ending injury to the starting left end and a hand injury to Pierre Allen, his replacement, is sure to cause problems down the road. The secondary is young and learning a new scheme this year has steepened the learning curve.

The offensive line appears to be a weak point, but the late return of two starters from last year added to three games starting experience for the young linemen will aid the team as the season progresses. 

Experience in the receiving corps coupled with some talented new players have resulted in multiple players getting touches and makes defenses cover more than just a player or two.

Joe Ganz has been on the mark, but look for speedier cover players on the rest of the schedule to make the seams and creases smaller. Marlon Lucky is looking good, but Roy Helu Jr. is shining in relief.

After three straight games against teams with little hope of postseason play, Nebraska is working through a bye week. The next game is a home night game against Virginia Tech, and then Top Five Missouri comes to Memorial Stadium, where they have not won since 1972.

Oct. 4 is the date when we will get a read on how many wins the Huskers are capable of. Defeatists have it marked as a seven-win season and optimists are asking if Missouri, Oklahoma or Texas Tech will be the team to make a 10-win regular season possible.