John Morisson: Why He Is on a Rollercoaster Ride to the WWE Main Event

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIFebruary 1, 2011

John Morrison - Future WWE Champion
John Morrison - Future WWE Champion

John Morisson is one of the most athletic superstars to ever grace the WWE. With his parkour training, he has continually wowed with amazing feats that no one ever thought possible. An IWC favorite, he is a five-time tag team champion, an ECW champion, and three-time Intercontinental champion. He has won the hearts of many, and has proven he is world championship material, but much to our anger, dismay and frustration, Morrison has yet to win the big one.

But now, more than ever, John Morrison's time has come!

Starting out in Tough Enough III, he won the season in 2004, going under the name Johnny Nitro, a lackey of Eric Bischoff's, falling under the fate of all Tough Enough winners. He disappeared shortly after, until reappearing in 2005 with Joey Mercury and Melina, forming the tag team known as MNM. They won three tag team titles, until breaking up in Judgment Day 2006.

After that, Nitro took Melina and went to Raw. He shocked us all by winning the IC title, and soon went on to have a great series of matches with Jeff Hardy, including Ladder and Steel Cage matches. Still, we did not take him seriously enough and never thought he would amount to anything.

But then 2007 rolled by, and after being drafted to ECW, Morrison replaced Chris Benoit in the ECW Title Match at Night of Champions, and shocked us again by beating CM Punk for the title. He soon began going under the name of John Morrison, and we all began to take notice. His skills began to shine through, and the Shaman of Sexy.

He would lose the title to Punk and be suspended for 30 days, but made a triumphant return into the ECW title picture. He would then form an unlikely tag team with the Miz, winning the 2007 WWE Tag Team Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. What started as something temporary to us fans and a joke, turned into one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history.

When the two split up in 2009, Morrison went to SmackDown, where he flourished, even having a world title shot against Jeff Hardy in a losing effort. He then won the 2009 Intercontinental Championship Title from Rey Mysterio, and held onto it for three months, before dropping it to McIntyre. That's where it all went downhill for Morrison.

2010 was a directionless year for the Shaman of Sexy. After being drafted to Raw, he had nowhere to go. After being on Team WWE at SummerSlam, he seemed to have been relegated to jobber status. But hope began to shine through.

Now, at first, I didn't care about John Morrison. I hadn't seen anything worthy of him to warrant my attention. Oh how foolish I was. When he defeated Chris Jericho, I began to get interested. Injecting parkour into his wrestling style, he slowly climbed his way back to the top. I paid attention, as he began to put on quality matches, and delivered an amazing spot of diving off the entrance set at Hell in a Cell, one which I saw live. Somewhere along the way, I became perhaps the biggest John Morrison fan in the world, being more impressed with him every week.

Still, he seemed directionless, until Survivor Series 2010. He was placed into a match with Sheamus, and shocked the world when he beat Sheamus, 1-2-3. Hope had been restored to the Guru of Greatness. He lost two weeks later, in the King of the Ring finals enraging many, including me, but it actually helped him, as he faced off against the Celtic Warrior in a Ladder Match to determine the No. 1 contender to the WWE championship at TLC.

Rooting for Morrison all the way, I watched as those two stole the show, and Morrison climbed the ladder and grabbed the contract. And this is where his roller coaster ride began.

Three weeks later, he faced Miz for the title in a Falls Count Anywhere match in the first match of 2011. A Match of the Year candidate, these two put on an amazing show, and while Miz came out on top, Morrison proved he could play with the big boys. While some thought it was back to the mid-cards, Morrison just kept going by beating Sheamus and Bryan back to back in great matches.

At the Royal Rumble, I was rooting for Morrison all the way to win, and I could not help but be in shock when he was pushed off the apron, landed on the barricade, then walked across the railing and landed on the steps with his feet never touching the floor. He made me even a bigger fan, delivering that to seamless perfection!

When he was eliminated, I was disappointed and mad, but when I look back, there was some good in it. Unlike most others victims of the Nexus, it took four members to eliminate John Morrison, and even then it was difficult. Even in elimination he looked strong! Some may say he's going back to mid-card sooner or later, but I completely disagree!

I know the statements of a former WWE employee saying Vince doesn't think JoMo is an ass-kicker, but even he can't ignore the King of Parkour anymore! He gets main-event level pops, he is one of the best wrestlers in WWE, he sells like gold, can tell a story in the ring, his mic skills are gradually improving, he can make us say "Holy Shit!" at some of things he can do and is on a huge roll as of late!

Ever since his victory at TLC, Morrison has been pure gold, whether in defeat or victory! His high-quality matches, impressive moves set and huge pops are truly getting through to the WWE. His performance in the Raw Rumble was even more impressive, avoiding elimination in perhaps the most innovative way ever! God, is this guy just amazing or is he amazing?!

Morrison will step inside Satan's Structure with five others at Elimination Chamber for the opportunity to main event WrestleMania against the WWE Champion. The only reason WWE has not put the title on Morrison is perhaps they don't believe he is ready to main-event WrestleMania, which is stupid considering they're letting Del Rio and Miz main-event!

Still, Morrison has one last chance to live his dream, and while the obvious choice to win is John Cena, who I am fan of to let you know, the WWE has been known to shock us all when it comes to the Chamber as of the last two years, so John Morrison has a chance to win it as well—the second favorite, in my opinion!

Still, no matter what you think, you can't deny the fact that John Morrison is on a huge roll, the biggest in his career! And whether it's at WrestleMania or after, one day in 2011 we will be hearing these words...

"Here's your winner...And NNNNNEEEEEWWWWWW WWE Champion...JOHN MORRISON!!!"

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