WWE Royal Rumble Results 2011: 7 Things We Learned

Stuart Broughton@@SLBroughton92Contributor IIIJanuary 31, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble Results 2011: 7 Things We Learned

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    So this Years Royal Rumble event has ended and people's intial opinion is poor. The results of the event in general were all positive with the titles being retained (excluding the Divas but who really cares) and Del Rio winning the match itself but the way it played out was disappointing.

    Though now it is time to reflect and wonder, as a viewer and a critic, of the WWE what we have learned regarding the companies choices leading towards the biggest event on the wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania!!!

A Christian/Edge Clash Is Still On The Cards

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    Okay so there was no appearance from captain charisma himself but there was definitely a hint to a return somewhere in the future. Since the spear was banned for the World Heavyweight Title match between Edge and Ziggler the Rated R Superstar had to end the contest differently. And although he still used a spear when both Vickie and the ref were down he sealed the win by executing the Killswitch, Christian's finishing move, on his opponent.

    I was thinking after the spear ban was announced that Edge might retain his title due to an interference by Christian or a masked man, leading to a feud that would climax at the big event but sadly i was wrong. Now rumours have it that Christian won't be making it to this years Wrestlemania due to injury but that doesn't mean we won't see a nice little rivalry between the former tag team partners further down the line.

Del Rio Will Take On The WHC at Wrestlemania

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    The reason i put World Heavyweight Champion instead of Edge is that there is a strong possibility he might not have the title come Wrestlemania. Rarely both Champions make it out of the Elimination Chamber PPV without your title and seeing as it looks like WWE creative teams seem to want Miz to keep his title going into Wrestlemania it will more than likely be Edge who loses it. Although Edge can hold up a championship match a lot better than The Miz can, which was proven in the Rumble's WWE title match, WWE still might want another opponent to face Del Rio to spice it up a little.

    That's why i have believe there is a very small chance that Mysterio may pick up the title and the two end their rivalry once and for all on the grandest stage of them all!!! Now i know it is a long shot but two of the greatest Mexican wrestlers would have a much better match and a much better storyline leading to the event than Edge and Del Rio. Unless the Cody Rhodes/Mysterio feud builds up (yawn). Though that leaves Edge with lack of match at WM again maybe Christian can make a speedy recovery to please all his peeps out there?

Jericho and Triple H Might Not Re-Appear Before Wrestlemania XVII

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    With the Royal Rumble hosting 40 superstars, 10 more than its regular number, expectations were high for a number of interesting surprise entrees though we were let down. Sure Kevin Nash and Booker T received massive pops from the crowd, and i'm sure most of us at home, but they didn't last long and i'm unsure how they will be used in the future. (Except a Big Show and Diesel stare-down WM match on the cards?)

    The two names that most fans were expecting to return were that of Chris Jericho and Triple H through strangely they failed to make an appearance. Many expect the two to eliminate the wrestlers that injured them, Randy Orton and Sheamus, leading to matches at Wrestlemania. So with the only chance for them to make big come backs at the Elimination Chamber PPV, unless the creative team gamble on bringing them back on the big night itself, it is looking rather unlikely they will actually appear again before WM.

Orton May End Up With Another Titleless Wrestlemania Match

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    With the Royal Rumble winner being on the Smackdown roster and Cena being eliminated by the Miz it is pretty much a certainty that the two will collide at Wrestlemania for the WWE Champion. This however would leave poor old Randy Orton with another match at the event without a title on the line. Sure he has had title shots galore, and more often than not he has lost them, but you can't help but feel sorry for the guy who was last year was relegated to one of the earliest and least interesting matches on the card.

    The only saving grace i have for him is that if Chris Jericho returns the two can have a mega clash that will probably be the highlight of the event. Or maybe with the CM Punk interference in his match it will set them up for a nice singles match. Otherwise he might be stuck with a pointless and forgettable contest with Ted DiBiase or Otunga!?!?!

Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent Is Still Open For Applicants

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    Okay so it is looking likely that Barrett will be the one to next challenge the dead man's undefeated streak due to his assistance during the burial but there are still other possibilities?

    With Sheamus too big too compete in the Money in the Bank match but without an opponent to compete against, unless Triple H returns, he may still be a good option. John Morrison is more than likely to be put in the Money in the Bank and win it but he would still put up an interesting fight against the Undertaker due to his similarity in fighting style to HBK. And as for the Smackdown roster you can take your pick of superstars who are just dying to be propelled by the prestige you receive by facing the Undertaker; such as Jack Swagger, Kane, Dolph Ziggler or Drew McIntyre.

Bigger Does Not Necessarily Mean Better

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    Unfortunately for Del Rio 2011's Royal Rumble will only be remembered for being the only RR to ever feature 40 superstars. The reason they decided not to use that many again was because it simply did not work. The match got boring too quickly and too many spots were given to 3rd rate superstars who hardly get telly time let alone PPV time (yet still Primo didn't make it). Ordering of superstars was done poorly resulting in wrestlers such as CM Punk, John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel and Booker T to be eliminated too early and too quickly. Though whilst wasting this talent the creative team still managed to give Hornswoggle and Cena around 20 minutes to mess about playing big thicko and little thicko in the ring. Thank you for Sheamus punting the little guy in the face. The New Nexus also appeared rather weak being single-handedly eliminated by Cena, much like the old Nexus was, whilst Big Zeke and Barrett looked fantastic making it to near the end of the match.

    Though the match was done badly at least the right man won. Which brings me to my last point. 

WWE Have The Power To Destroy The Companies Prestige Overnight

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    Yes seeing Santino hit Del Rio with the Cobra made me nearly scream with excitement until i realised what was actually happening. You do not put a comedy wrestler in the last two of a Royal Rumble it just doesn't work! Sure Santino is blast to watch in the mid-card of Raw and he is a comedy genius on the mic but you don't have him nearly win one of the biggest matches WWE has to offer. The creative team must been on some serious drugs when they decided to swap the ending of the match from a close and suspenseful climax to a comedy moment!!! If Santino was replaced with Morrison or another up and coming mid-carder the ending would of been fantastic but no the WWE decide to screw up what could of been a 'VINTAGE' moment.

    Just think what would of happened if Santino would of actually won...

    GOOD GOD!!!

Fingers Crossed Wreslemania Will Be Better

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    That is all we can hope for really! With a dull Royal Rumble to follow up a dull bunch of PPV's at least the WWE could deliver a half decent Wrestlemania. If they can bring some big clashes which i have mentioned during the slideshow we may have a good event on our hands but then again it's WWE they'll find a way to fuck it up.

    So lets just hope for the best and wish WWE the best on planning this years Wrestlemania... But i won't hold my breath.