Royal Rumble Wishlist: If I Were In Charge How the Royal Rumble Would Finish

Big DallasContributor ISeptember 29, 2016

Royal Rumble Wishlist: If I Were In Charge How the Royal Rumble Would Finish

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    The Royal Rumble: A pay-per-view centered on one match. Don't believe me? When was the last time, besides 2009, a world title changed hands at the pay-per-view? (this was to ignite the Jeff Hardy-Matt Hardy feud, Jeff's first reign wasn't about the title, but about his attacks)  In fact, look at the contenders.

    2011: Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton

    2010: Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton

    2009: Edge, JBL

    2008: Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy

    2007: Mr. Kennedy, Umaga

    2006: Mark Henry, Edge

    2005: Randy Orton, Big Show and Kurt Angle (triple threat)


    One title change in 12 world title matches, no pay-per-view has such a low rate, an 8.5 percent title change rate. While many of these guys were serious threats, guys like JBL, Randy Orton (in 2005) Umaga, Edge (2006) and Mark Henry were not serious contenders. The unique (and cool) thing about this pay-per-view is that it is centered around one match, one one-hour+ match that has incredibly huge implications. If this were my pay-per-view, these are my picks.

Women's Match: Natayla vs. Laycool

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    While I don't care immensely about this match, one thing interests me. The debut of Awesome Kong. The large former TNA knockout ran rampant in TNA and has inked a deal with the WWE. I hope they make her into a badass that the fans have to decide how to respond to. My Pick:

    Natalya over Laycool (by disqualification and interference)

World Title Match: Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    Two things I'm sure of in this match:

    1: Vickie will get involved

    2: Edge will spear his way to a win.

    The ideal thing for me would be for Vickie to turn on Dolph and realign with Edge. This could set up a nice double turn that could be blown off at WrestleMania. Dolph is a fantastic worker, and Edge has been known to put on reliable matches for the past 12 years in the WWE.

    Give 15-20 minutes, with a decent amount of offense from Ziggler, would be nice. The only problem I have with my idea is that I'm not quite sure if Ziggler can hold his own alone. Perhaps as a face.


    My Prediction: Edge over Ziggler, clean but with help.

Randy Orton vs. Miz

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    This is the most troublesome singles match for me to call. While I feel Orton doesn't need a title, I'm not sure creative feels comfortable with Miz as a champion this close to WrestleMania. This could be an above average match, with Alex Riley getting thrown out near the beginning, or an early disqualification then a restart by the GM. I'm choosing Miz in a 10-12 minute match

    Winner: Miz

Royal Rumble: Final 10

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    This definitely gave me a lot of trouble, rather than predicting a winner only, I will do last 10, last five, last three and winner. We all know 25-29 men have NO shot of winning, none whatsoever. My picks of top ten are as follows:


    Alberto Del Rio

    Wade Barrett

    Ezekiel Jackson

    Kofi Kingston

    Triple H


    John Cena

    CM Punk

    Mason Ryan

    John Morrison

    Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson will obviously be in there as enforcers. Del Rio, Barrett, Cena and Punk are my absolute locks. Some honorable mentions include Daniel Bryan, any members of Nexus/Corre, Christian and the two men rumored to be returning tonight as surprise entrants. (if you don't already know, and want to know who I'll be more than happy to tell you)

Final 5:

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    The picks get harder. I feel as if Sheamus and Triple H will eliminate each other and Ezekiel Jackson and Mason Ryan will be eliminated. But, the two leaders (Punk and Barrett) will still be in, as will Cena and Del Rio. The last one? I'll go with Morrison.


    John Cena

    CM Punk

    Wade Barrett

    John Morrison

    Alberto Del Rio

Final 3:

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    With this, I believe John Morrison will be gone. John Morrison will have a strong showing, but eliminated by Punk. I also think Cena will eliminate Barrett, leaving:

    CM Punk

    John Cena

    Alberto Del Rio


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    And the winner is: Alberto Del Rio! CM Punk will be eliminated next by Cena, to make a face heel final two. I then HOPE Alberto Del Rio will eliminate Cena, making Del Rio the winner.


    Winner: Alberto Del Riiiiiiiooooooooo!

Final Thoughts:

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    These are my picks. Not necessarily predictions, things I want to happen, so be nice. I also think Wade Barrett's "initiation" could be him losing the No. 1 contendership match. I think this could set up a Del Rio vs. Ziggler vs. Edge triple threat match.

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