At Times Like These, I Turn to George Michael

PJ EdelmanCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

And the Apocalypse cometh?  Please.

So the Mets have lost a few easy ones.  The hated Braves, who the Mets can never beat in a big game since 2000, stole one away.  And the high school Nationals team, who may just avoid being demoted to a lower level next year, have just taken two. 

A string of unlucky losses and some poor play have literally caused the Mets' fanbase to rub any rabbit's foot (dead, alive, it doesn't matter) throw salt over its shoulder, step over the sidewalk cracks, and pray to any divinity listening to spare them from the monstrosity that surely and inevitably will befall the Amazins. 


I am a firm believer that a team can play off its fans' good or bad vibes, and right now, the Mets will have no shot at the playoffs if this is true.  Hell, even our own educated and hopeful Bleacher Report writers are slowly putting away their mitts and caps, and reluctantly pulling off their 'There's Always Next Year' signs off the wall.  The Mets' B/r page is littered with words like 'collapse,' 'deja vu,' and 'someone please shoot me in the face' (OK I haven't seen the last one--yet).


What fans need, what fans need to show, is just a little faith.  This is not last year's team.  Sure, the bullpen is struggling.  Sure, some Mets are not contributing the way they normally do.  And sure, a few solid players have been lost to injury.  But help is on the way.

Johan Santana was brought over to New York just to quell these kinds of worries, and he will, because the 'S' in Santana might as well stand for Superman.  In almost every big game, Santana has been there to bail the Mets out.  If he needs help, he can call on the new and improved Bash Brothers, the Carloses, who, when their powers combine, summon Captain Planet.  Or at least, jack a few balls deep.  

The Mets have powerful David Wright, speedy Jose Reyes, talented Ryan Church, and crafty Brian Schneider.  They just need a push in the right direction, and it will take a nation of suffering Mets' fans to overcome their own lack of confidence to pitch in.  

It's not that hard.  Believe in the Mets of 2008.  It just takes a little hope.  And if that means inspiration from an 80's god, then so be it.  

It can happen.  You just gotta have faith.