Wrestling: Can TNA and WWE Superstars Ever Have a Natural Home?

Cec Van GaliniAnalyst IIIFebruary 3, 2011

Matt Hardy to TNA, Kevin Nash to WWE, Kong to the WWE, Lita to TNA. The transfer of wrestling talent is once again returning to the levels seen during the Monday Night Wars of the mid 1990s.

The need to shock and surprise, the need to acquire new talent and take the respective company in a new direction, gives wrestlers more power in terms of contract renewal.

Flashback fifteen years, and the arrival of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in WCW sparked a revolution. And yet from their first day in the company, I longed for the day when they would return to the WWE.

For me, Hall and Nash were WWE superstars. They came to prominence in McMahon's company and because of that they would always be Razor Ramon and Big Daddy Cool, Diesel.

By contrast the likes of Christian and Gail Kim are TNA superstars. They have played a part in both companies, but only in TNA did they acquire any meaningful success. Christian in particular went from mid card in the WWE to World Champion in TNA, only to return to the mid card when he rejoined the WWE in 2009.

The Peeps will continue to hope, but I fear that time has now passed for Christian to achieve any meaningful success in the WWE.

So with the latest round of transfers, it made me think of other scenarios. Would the Undertaker have been the same sensation in TNA? Would Shawn Michaels have stolen hearts in WCW as part of the nWo? Could AJ Styles become a Champion in the WWE?

The case is that very few established superstars are able to transfer from one organization to another and enjoy the same level of success. The likes of Booker T, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan are perhaps the exceptions. Very few superstars are ever able to refind the magic when they cross the divide. Many will simply be one-company wrestlers.

The rule is different for youngsters; Stunning Steve pales in comparison to Stone Cold, Mean Mark Calaway or Undertaker, stuttering Morgan, or the Blueprint Matt Morgan. Wrestlers are not guaranteed success in a particular company, and yet can be propelled to the main event, in another. The vanilla midgets of WCW only found true glory when they left WCW.

Armed with such knowledge, should wrestlers realize their position and make the necessary switch? I would imagine, that Christian Cage would go straight back into the world title scene, whereas Christian will remain a midcard jobber. What is he to do?

With Wrestlemania on the horizon, and rumors abound that Sting may finally give in and join the WWE, the question of whether it will be a success, remains a doubt.

Sting in WCW was a legend. Sting in TNA was a stalwart. Sting in the WWE.......anything? Sure people will say that he is doing it for the Hall of Fame, but why would that even be important, given the lack of even a physical building.

Sting is by no means in top physical conditioning, nor is his likely opponent, the Undertaker. By having this match now, threatens to undo the fantasy that we have all had of such an occasion. With Undertaker on the shelf until at least March, there is no opportunity to build up this once dream affair.

Sting has always said that he feared what would become of his legacy in WWE. He was right to be suspicious. Whereas the vanilla midgets came to prominence in the WWE, Sting as the biggest representative of WCW would have been put down by McMahon in the aftermath of the Invasion.

Fast forward ten years, and the story remains the same. Sting cannot beat the Undertaker. McMahon will not allow it. So Sting in the WWE to get squashed by the Undertaker will not work either. Not even a legendary encounter like that of Wrestlemania 25 is enough to save the credibility of Sting.

Sting cannot be sacrificed in one match for the sake of ratings, or money.

And it is for this reason, why I do not believe Sting is coming.

Wrestlers do have a natural home. They can gain success in others, but for certain superstars, they will always be most popular, and most successful in one particular company. For some the pursuit of further success only leads to disillusionment and failure. Some may succeed, but its rare.

Sting is a legend, Sting is a world class athlete, but alas he cannot be in the WWE. Sometimes it is more meaningful to be different. To be able to say that they did it their way, not influenced by money, but the quality of their work and respect for their legacy and the business.

Sting is a true wrestling legend, he does not need to come to the WWE to prove it.