New York Giants: Brute Force is Key to Success in '08

Christopher MottContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

The G-Men have always put forth a mediocre season following their Super Bowl victories.  So what makes these Giants any different than those past winners?

Brute force.  This team is stacked with a physicality that is unparalleled by any other team in the NFC, and maybe the NFL.  Let's talk running game.

The three-headed monster that consists of Jacobs, Ward, and Bradshaw is a trio designed to wear down a defense physically and then make them gasp for air as they try to catch up with the Giants' speed and quickness.

Have you ever tackled Brandon Jacobs?  No, I haven't either, but I did see Charles Woodson of the Packers try to in the NFC title game last year, and I saw what it would look like if I did try to tackle the behemoth.

So to follow up the cocktail of brutality, the Giants have a chaser in Ward.  Ward is big and strong like Jacobs, but with agility to cut back and sneak through holes in the line, making the defense work the whole field. 

Now that we are drunk off of double shots of Jacobs and chasers of Ward, it's time to finish the night off with last call—that last drink of the night that we always regret and has our heads spinning the next morning.  Enter Bradshaw.

As he makes the defense look slow and tired, opposing teams wonder how it got to this point.  The defense got so drunk off Jacobs and Ward that one more drink of Bradshaw has them spinning around and trying to figure out how the game got away from them.  Before they knew it, they were hung over, sore, and wondering why they ever started drinking in the first place.

So to conclude this drunken debauchery, understand this: The Giants have the best running back group in the NFC. It's big, fast, mean, and physical, which is different from most teams in the NFC.

This is why the Giants have an excellent chance to compete for the championship this year. A great running game and a hardcore defense is a combo that has the Giants running in '08.