Super Bowl XLV Betting Props: Covering Everything From National Anthem To MVP

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Super Bowl XLV Betting Props: Covering Everything From National Anthem To MVP
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I bet he's betting.

The Super Bowl is not just some game that caps off the NFL season and crowns a champion.

It's a part of American culture that brings together a random collection of people for three hours.

Sitting on the couch, talking about what's in the dip are the people who probably don't know the teams involved in the game. They're watching because the Super Bowl has become a social event or their husband dragged them out the door to his buddy's Super Bowl party.

They are a cute innocent group, but annoying once the game starts. They will ask questions like, "Which team is Green Bay?" and "Isn't Brett Favre their quarterback?"

Huddled up like kids getting ready to go out for trick-or-treating on Halloween are adults dressed up like football players. More than likely everyone will have on the same jersey and you will feel like you are constantly surrounded by Ben Roethlisberger.

Pssst. Don't get caught in the bathroom with any of them.

Things get dicey when someone from the annoying group asks a Roethlisberger a stupid question.

And then rocking back and forth in the corner you will find the next Pete Rose.

This guy probably has a bet on everything and anything possible. With the game well in hand, he will stand up and scream, "Dump the yellow Gatorade!" because he has a prop bet on the line.

Don't believe me?

Online sportsbooks offer props on anything you can imagine. The Super Bowl to a degenerate is like Christmas and Easter all wrapped into one for a Catholic.

It's the holiest of the holies.

When Petey is curled up in the fetal position after the National Anthem give him some space. He will need time alone before he loses money on the coin toss.

With so many props out there on the old World Wide Web I decided to dig up 10 prop bets, pick a side, and count up my winnings.

All lines are taken from, but if you shop around as a degenerate will tell you, you can find other prices and props.

If you see a number like (-140) it means you bet that amount to win $100. So to win $100 you have put $140 on the line. This would suggest the prop is a favorite.

A positive number such as (+125) means you win that much for a $100 bet. This number would be considered an underdog.

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