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Rahsaan xContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

Houston “The Assassin” Alexander vs.

Eric “Ravishing Red” Schaefer

The first fight of the night promised to be a barn burner, hometown hero, Nebraska native Houston “The Assassin” Alexander verse Eric “Ravishing Red” Schaefer, they didn’t disappoint.Houston came out and landed big right hands right away, swinging with Ryan Howard power at Schafer’s face, connecting on a couple, not doing much damage though. About 1 minute into the 1st round, Alexander also landed 2 devastating knees to the head of “Red” at that point I thought the fight was over, I was wrong. Schaefer attempted about 3 shoots and then locked arms with Houston against the cage for about a minute before moving in for a guillotine and taking Houston down. He would eventually get him to a full mount and thats when he started dropped bows on em’. Houston withstood the storm (momentarily) and wiggled out under Schafer’s legs out the back door only to end up back on his back in the mounted position. Houston, suffers greatly when on his back, he's like a fish out of water, it’s crazy. Schaefer then moved to Houston’s side and locked in a tight side choke on Houston that caused him to tapout with just 10 seconds left in the first round.  Schafer walks away victorious with his shorts reading “Jesus don’t tapout”…what a fight, what a homecoming Assassin…Hang it up!!



Alan “The Butcher” Belcher    VS  

Ed “Tough As Nails” Herman

This fight included two of UFC’s most aggressive fighters.  The fight starting with Herman swunging big, wide punches, clinched and throwing knees, Belcher threw low kicks and pounced around like a boxer in the opening minutes.  The fight took place most often in the center of the octagon with both fighter game to bang with each other. Belcher and Herman would make there way to the ground with Herman taking top position; Belcher held on to his neck and didn’t allow for much effective ground and pound from Herman. First round in my opinion could have gone either way, I gave it to Belcher.

The 2ndround start like with fireworks, both fighters looking for that 1 hit to knockout there opponent out with. Belcher mixing solid punches with kicks appeared to prefer the stand-up game over the ground, Herman look to fight on both feet as well.(instead of wrestling) Half way through the 2ndHerman gets Belcher to the ground throws and lands some punches, but the fighters both make it to there feet as the bell is ringing to end the 2ndround.

To begin the 3rd and last 5 minutes of the fight both men knew that they needed to put everything out there to take out the other man. Herman had two take downs during the middle of the round but Belcher had not given up, he made his way back to his feet and the two fighters kept throwing jabs. Herman forced Belcher up against the cage and securing another takedown, Herman moved into the mount position rained down on him very tired looking punches on Belcher looking to finish the fight with a bang, but the bell sounded and the judges had to make a decision. they award a split decision victory to Belcher.  Belcher dedicated the fight to his mother who was ringside and celebrating her birthday, what a present mom.... 


Clay Guida vs Mac Danzig

Clay Guida easily one the most explosive and exciting fighters in the UFC and Mac “Dangerous Dan” Danzig took the 2nd bout of the night.  Both fighters danced around the center of the octagon sizing each other up, no one shock the other one up. They exchanged leg kicks for a minute; Danzig looked to keep the fight on his feet while Guida looked to shoot in for his first takedown attempt of the night but Mac stuffed it and forced Guida against the fence. Guida worked his way back to the center of the octagon but Guida wasted no time shooting in for another takedown and this time secures it but Mac makes his way back to his feet only to have Guida pick him up and slam him to the ground with some nice power. Danzig find his way back to standing position and Guida picks him up and slams him again but this time Danzig holds onto his guillotine choke forcing Guida to fight his way out as he does little damage on the ground to Danzig.

2nd round was action packed, however, there is little to write about, it was very evenly matched.  If I was judging this round would have definitely been a 9 – 9 round.

The third round started with Guida landing solid leg kicks but Danzig locked up Guida into head-lock but Clay held around the waist of Danzig and avoids the slam attempts. The fighters exchanged blows up against the cage and Mac grabbed a hold of Guida and slammed him to the ground but Clay swung the momentum his way and held out and landed a couple solid knees to the body that you could tell began taken there toll on Danzig. Guida controlled position taking Mac back to the ground every time he tried to get up.  The fight ended with Guida in top position controlling almost the entire 3rdround with crazy energy. Clay Guida fought his way to a unanimous decision victory by outworking Danzig more often…..Guida and the hair go home winners!!!!


The Main Event :Nate Diaz  vs  Josh Neer

This fight easily included the best entry music I’ve heard from two fighters in a long time. Josh Neer entered the ring blasting some alternative rock that was ridiculous, sounded like some new age rock, it had a real sweet sound.  Next up was Nate Diaz, Nick little brother (one of my favorite fighters) who came in the ring to some bad-ass tupac song I never heard before.  The music was fitting too. Nate is bad-ass and fights like it’s him against the world. As the fight began Neer came out the aggressor, landing solid leg kicks and pushing Nate around, eventually sending him to the ground were he tried to tie Nate up in a side choke.  Nate kept Josh Neer near holding him as tight as his neck was being held.  The fight looks to be favoring Josh for the 1st minute and a half of the fight.  Then Diaz has his moment pulling off a knee bar and a couple firm punches, however, Neer fights him off and pins Nate against the cage.(it was back in forth all night)  Nate controlled the rest of the round with crazy judo moves that forced Neer to his back, this gave Nate top position.  The two fighters wrestle around, slipping in and out of each others grip until finally Nate is able to lock a choke in just before the bell sounds.

The second round starts and I thought to myself, if these guys were fighting anyone else they would be kicking there butts right now.  They both showed extremely good stand-up but most often they both were very technical on the ground.  The up and down pace was hard to judge, both fighter fought like it was the last round with seconds left the entire 2nd. The round ends with each fighter looking as if they had there energy drain from there bodies.

The third round I thought was going to drag considering the energy both fighters had at the end of the 2nd.  However they both dug deep and came up with more wresting and grappling moves for each other, though Nate looked to be working with a little more energy and strength at this point. With effective submission attempts and securing top position more often then his opponent Nate Diaz secured a split decision win…He then cursed more then a sailor into Joe Rogans microphone, talking about who he’s going to fight next, called out every fighter ducking his brother and just went off. (I loved every minute of it)

This is my run down of the night, I hope you watched and if you didn’t I hope I have painted a good picture of the night’s events……