Just Thought I'd Point This Out, WWE

Joel DanielsContributor IJanuary 29, 2011

In all honesty, and shamefully so, I don't keep up to date with the happenings of WWE.

Unless it surrounds a review of a show I missed, or what city the Superstars are going to be visiting, then quite frankly, I don't bother myself to keep up with the countless happenings of the company.

One such being their show, Tough Enough. According to wwe.com, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to be hosting that show (don't expect a Josh-type-of-host...expect him to get into fist fights every now and again).

Tough Enough, for the uninformed, or just the people who don't keep up to date (namely me), is basically NXT minus the pros and minus the storyline. Okay, let's just be honest, there is storyline.

Maybe not the intense kind we see here on SmackDown and RAW, but I don't really believe that anything WWE won't be involving some form of script.

But for the sake of hoping otherwise (and because, once again, I am in no position to say otherwise seeing that I don't follow WWE like a fan should) Tough Enough won't be scripted.

And at the end of it all, like NXT, the last man standing will of course get a WWE contract.

With the inclusion of Tough Enough and of course having none other than The Rattlesnake be the forefront of said program, I believe it's safe to say that NXT won't be around once this season (what is it now, Season 4?) is over and done with.

But, should they carry it around, don't expect much. Oh wait...you probably already stopped doing that when they ended Season 1. Or is that just me?



With that over and said, I bring you to a brewing problem. Last night on SmackDown, The Corre was sent packing. Why?

Well, it's because they were doing exactly what they did back in the days of Nexus (unless I say New Nexus, you should all just know that I'm referring to a Barrett-led Nexus...aka Nexus version 1), and that was ganging up on a lone Superstar.

The SD locker room...oh wait a second, Vladimir? Santino? Bryan?... let me rephrase...

...The RAW locker room did not take a liking to that, and so, they sent the group backpacking.

In the words of our WWE Champion, Really? Really? Really?

A few months ago we saw the exact same thing happen to Nexus. They got on Cena's back and paid for it before and after CeNexus ran it's course. And now The Corre is replaying that event.

This poses a very serious problem for the group who I am standing with 100 percent (not because I don't like CM, I do, it's just that I like Wade Barrett a hell of a lot better) as it puts The Corre on the fast track to obscurity.

On RAW, as part of the Corre, Wade talked about the bigger picture thing which piqued my interest simply because I had all this time been assuming that the bigger picture was all about Wade Barrett becoming WWE Champion.

Having Wade revive the "bigger picture" angle and then separating it from his lust for the title gave The Corre that air of suspense and mystery that we were used to seeing in the Nexus.

But WWE has apparently decided to kill the mystery by having Corre back track to angry SD, sorry, RAW locker members.

Don't get me wrong here...it's not like I expected Wade and company to be welcomed with open arms seeing that Barrett's history borderlines pure evil, and that The Corre debuted on SD by stepping all over the giant, Big Show.

However, I for one was hoping to believe that after figuring out where he went wrong with the Nexus, Wade would show us that he truly had learned from his mistakes by...I don't know... not repeating them in reflective order (beating down the biggest star, and then retreating once the locker room decided to pick up their pitch forks).

In my opinion, Corre should have just come down to the ring, pulled their buddy Heath Slater out of the ring, surrounded the ring with fangs bearing only to step away from the giant.

Yes. It sounds too peaceful for a heel group, but doing that would have just added to the whole mystery of the group.

Think of it this way: Corre is aiming for dominance, but does so in a very different way seeing that the need to outright storm the castle is no longer necessary (all members have contracts, unlike the original Nexus). 

Or in the very least, WWE should have just thrown us a loop. Have Corre storm Big Show, only to have the locker room come out, but some of the Superstars decide to stand on the side of Corre. Then the whole event breaks down into a brawl.

Honestly though, I understand that this is premature judgment, but to WWE I say: nip it at the bud.

Do not let Corre become a mere reflection of the Nexus we have been used to seeing for months now. Allow them to showcase strength in numbers, but control that by not making it

A: Blatantly predictable (aka whenever they win or lose a match the winner/loser is gonna get a beat down) and

B: Repetitive (aka if they're just going to beat down their opponents, they should hit them with a chair, 450 them through a table, or just use the gimmick that the questioning-his-return-HHH would have used and have Wade slam them in the head with a sledgehammer).


I'm just saying.