2007 at it's Worst

Ashleigh KryzwickiContributor IJanuary 6, 2008

With the close of 2007 came the Mitchell Report. It's been bad news for Clemens and all the others named in the 400-page document. We also saw a Cinderella Washington Redskin team heading into the playoffs...Too bad their trip ended last night with a 35-14 romping at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks.

Not all of 2007 was bad however. Barry Bonds is the new asterisked homerun king and Curt Schilling has a new reason to never keep his mouth shut and just play baseball.

On second thought this year was just full of depressing sports moments. Here are 10: 

1. Roger Clemens decides to play again....in June...for the New York Yankees...do we really need another old pitcher? No, in fact we had two dinosoars on the mound who were obviously doing nothing....14 games back? 

2. Barry Bonds hits 756*. This subject is exhausted.

3. Jose Canseco opens his mouth and claims we should question every successful baseball player who walks the earth.

4. Michael Vick enjoys dog fighting and ruins his football career as well as the reputation of the Vick family and possibly even the South in general. Not to mention every Virginia Tech Alum is now ashamed to wear their #7 Hokie jersey.

5. The Chicago Cubs failed again. Does this surprise anyone?

6. Scott Boras is the anti-Christ and A-Rod is his puppet. It's not steroids that ruin baseball and the integrity of the game, it's Scott Boras. Especially when in the middle of the World Series, A-rod decides to opt out and then put us through months of drama and speculation that he will not play for anything less than $1 million trillion.

7. The Boston Red Sox won the world series. This could just be bad for me because I bleed pinstripes, but seriously if I have to hear about one more goodbye letter from Curt Schilling or another Red Sox fan whine to me about how Dice-K was a huge disappointment and blah blah I might have to move to Canada.

8. Sean Taylor was shot at age 24 in his own home. The BEST player for the Washington Redskins and also a life that was ended entirely too early.

9. The Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots. One went 1-15 and the other went 16-0. Why are they both on the list? If the Patriots win the Superbowl this will be the most predictable season ever and well, it's sad for any fan that pays a heinous amount of money to go see their team loose every single time.

10. David Beckham didn't bring soccer to the American masses and could not save the world with one smoldering look which means we will still not watch soccer, or hockey...ever.