Cesc Fabregas: Are Trophies Still Enough To Keep Him with Arsenal?

Ryan KusyContributor IIJanuary 29, 2011

Fabregas celebrates scoring a goal
Fabregas celebrates scoring a goalPhil Cole/Getty Images

Maybe it's just food for thought, but it's a interesting question many Arsenal Fans may have not asked themselves before. Are trophies the lone thing Arsenal need to keep Fabregas at Arsenal?

True, it has been over a half a decade since Arsenal have won their last trophy, and Fabregas, along with the rest of the Arsenal squad, are desperate to win some silverware.

First and foremost, there can be no denying Fabregas' commitment to Arsenal this season, he has given his all in every game. However, after such a torrid summer between Fabregas and Barcelona, one has to wonder if his heart is already in Spain, even if his head is still with Arsenal.

Fabregas used to display his love for his club by kissing his badge after scoring goals, and despite him being injured for part of the year, he has yet to kiss his badge once this season. Maybe a sign, maybe not.

Fabregas has stated many times he is "happy" at Arsenal. But that doesn't necessarily mean this the place he wants to be.

Arsenal are favorites to win the Carling Cup Final against Birmingham City, but surely that isn't what Fabregas had in mind when he wanted to win a trophy with Arsenal. And even more so, if Arsenal were to also secure another trophy, say winning the Premier League, does that finally mean job accomplished for Fabregas?

Does that mean he finally achieved what he promised Arsenal Fans for so many years, and then he can finally leave in peace? Could winning major trophies this season actually cause Fabregas to leave, how ironic would that be?

Over the years, quality players from title-winning sides have left their respective teams in search of new challenges. The most prominent example is when Ronaldo and Tevez left Man United after winning numerous trophies with them.

Ronaldo sought new challenges in a new league despite winning a number of trophies over the course of his time at United.

Fabregas has told fans for years eventually his future lies at Barcelona. When? No one but Fabregas, and maybe Arsene Wenger, knows.

Of course, trophies may be exactly what Fabregas needs to realize his future and career as a footballer lies with Arsenal. It make convince him to stay, at least for the time being with Arsenal, and hopefully, continue to win trophies for years to come.

Along with all Arsenal fans, I hope to be seeing Fabregas kissing his Arsenal badge for years to come.