WWE Royal Rumble Predictions: Full of Surprises and Excitement

The Jaden SmallingsContributor IJanuary 29, 2011

WWE Royal Rumble Predictions: Full of Surprises and Excitement

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    Hey guys, I'm finally back as a writer for Bleacher Report. I'm sorry I haven't written an article in a seriously long time. I was just lazy, that's all. 

    This Sunday, WWE fans from all around the universe will witness the biggest Royal Rumble in WWE history. For the first time ever, the Royal Rumble will have 40 participants instead of the usual 30.

    These are my predictions for what will happen during the actual Royal Rumble match. Enjoy.

Order of The Royal Rumble Participants

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    1. The Big Show

    2. David Otunga

    3. John Morrison

    4. Yoshi Tatsu

    5. Heath Slater

    6. Evan Bourne (Surprise Entrant)

    7. Mark Henry

    8. Ezekiel Jackson

    9. William Regal

    10. Jack Swagger

    11. R-Truth

    12. Ted DiBiase

    13. Primo

    14. Daniel Bryan

    15. Santino Marella

    16. Christian (Surprise Entrant)

    17. Husky Harris

    18. Kofi Kingston

    19. Tyson Kidd

    20. Wade Barrett

    21. Zack Ryder

    22. Chris Masters

    23. Justin Gabriel

    24. Michael McGillicutty

    25. Cody Rhodes

    26. David Hart Smith

    27. Rey Mysterio

    28. Booker T (Surprise Entrant)

    29. Darren Young

    30. Batista (Surprise Entrant)

    31. John Cena

    32. Mason Ryan

    33. Drew McIntyre

    34. King Sheamus

    35. Alberto Del Rio

    36. Vladimir Kozlov

    37. Triple H (Surprise Entrant)

    38. Kane

    39. Chris Jericho (Surprise Entrant)

    40. CM Punk

The Surprise Entrants

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    John Cena returns at the 2008 Royal Rumble
    John Cena returns at the 2008 Royal Rumble

    Evan Bourne: Bourne's scheduled to return to action anytime soon, and what better place to return than the Royal Rumble? Plus rumor has it that Bourne is also in line for a huge push, so why not place Bourne in the Royal Rumble match and let him deliver a spectacular performance while he's at it.

    Chris Jericho: Y2J could be back, and better then ever before. Jericho left WWE back in Summer 2010 to take a break so I guess its Jericho's time to shine again. I expect him to come back and give Raw the star power it desperately needs right now.

    Christian: I expect Christian to return from his shoulder injury and put on a good performance. I predict that he will go right after the man who injured him, Alberto Del Rio.

    Triple H: I know what you're thinking and I know that The Game is injured. But WWE always loves to put that huge surprise entrant in their Rumble matches and I think Triple H is the huge surprise entrant this year. I don't expect the game to win the Rumble match but I do know that he will take out King Sheamus no matter what.

    Booker T: Booker T has been in talks with WWE about a return for a long time, and I think now is the perfect time for him to return. He should definitely return as a heel, but without the King Booker gimmick since Sheamus beat him to it.

    Batista: I know, I know. But hey, I can still dream. What if Batista returns to WWE as one of the surprise entrants and completely dominates. I expect a face turn if this happens, because Raw desperately needs top faces right now.

    The Undertaker: Although he's in no condition to compete, I want Undertaker to return and eliminate Kane and Wade Barrett but not as a surprise entrant but as a random interference. Basically I want the lights to go off when Wade Barrett and Kane are both in the ring and when they turn back on I want them both eliminated from the Rumble match. That way, Undertaker doesn't even really have to return.

Order Of Elimination

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    Triple H eliminating Kane at the 2010 Royal Rumble
    Triple H eliminating Kane at the 2010 Royal Rumble

    1. Yoshi Tatsu

    2. Heath Slater

    3. David Otunga

    4. Mark Henry

    5. William Regal

    6. Big Show

    7. Ted DiBiase

    8. Primo

    9. Husky Harris

    10. Daniel Bryan

    11. Zack Ryder

    12. Tyson Kidd

    13. Cody Rhodes

    14. DH Smith

    15. Santino Marella

    16. Jack Swagger

    17. Darren Young

    18. R-Truth

    19. Michael McGillicutty

    20. Drew McIntyre

    21. Kofi Kingston

    22. Justin Gabriel

    23. Vladimir Kozlov

    24. Wade Barrett

    25. Kane

    26. John Morrison

    27. Booker T

    28. King Sheamus

    29. Triple H

    30. Christian

    31. Batista

    32. Chris Masters

    33. Evan Bourne

    34. Chris Jericho

    35. Mason Ryan

    36. Alberto Del Rio

    37. Rey Mysterio

    38. Ezekiel Jackson

    39. John Cena

    Winner: CM Punk

The Final Six Participants

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    I know it should be the final four, but give me a break, we have 10 more participants this year.

    6. Mason Ryan: Batistwo should at least make it to the final six participants and help his leader, CM Punk eliminate other participants and win the Royal Rumble. I see Mason being eliminated by the monster, Ezekiel Jackson.

    5. Alberto Del Rio: I know WWE's high on this guy right now, and I think he has tremendous potential which is why I'm putting him in the final six participants of the match. I imagine him to do extremely well until Rey Rey shocks everyone by eliminating him.

    4. Rey Mysterio: Rey is one of the most resilient superstars in this Royal Rumble match and he deserves to be in the final six. I see Mysterio eliminating Del Rio and Del Rio attacking Rey after his elimination and costs Rey his Wrestlemania opportunity as CM Punk eliminates him..

    3. Ezekiel Jackson: Representing The Corre, I expect Jackson to be the one to make it to the final six, not Wade Barrett, Jackson. The reason being is that WWE really wants to push him and this is his chance to prove his dominance. He should have the most eliminations in the Rumble match. John Cena would be the one to eliminate him.

    2. John Cena: Of course, Super Cena has to be in the final six of the Rumble match. After putting on one hell of a show, Cena eliminates Ezekiel Jackson but as soon as he turns around, Punk hits him with the buzz kick and throws him out.

    1. CM Punk: The New Leader of Nexus finally wins his first Royal Rumble match. This Sunday I expect the cunning leader of The New Nexus to win the Royal Rumble match after eliminating John Cena.