Defending Myself for Defending Mike Nolan

Frank FuscoContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

(This article is in response to the detractors of my previous 49ers-should-keep-their-head-coach" target="_blank">article defending 49ers head coach Mike Nolan and to a Mr. Jones, who had this to say about it.)



I will preface all of this by first saying that I was not aware at all of the dynamic and volatile environment that Bleacher Report and its inhabitants create. Oh boy was I surprised to see such feedback about something I wrote on my extended lunch break.


I literally got sent a link to this site (which I am thoroughly enjoying), decided on a topic right then and there, wrote it, and posted it. No editing, no real fact checking (obviously), and not that much thought put in it, to be honest.


I am NOT making excuses here, though. I stand by everything I said as my OPINION. Just as you all have your opinion about how shitty and illogical it is.


Some people though, like Mr. Jones (as an aside, can we please just call each other by our first names, I felt like you were an agent from the Matrix, and that I should’ve started to run after reading  your article), took what I said very seriously.


This is fine. I am actually excited to have sparked an interesting and heated debate about a topic, which apparently was so very much on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

I will be the first to admit that I genuinely like Mike Nolan. It’s my personal feeling. He was the guy I wanted for this job, so maybe I’m willing to stick with him through tougher times than most. What can I say? I’m a sentimentalist, and a romantic too for that matter.


You don’t even want to hear about how I stood with my high school "sweetheart" for three years, even though she was using her vagina as a jock strap for the football and baseball teams. That is neither here nor there.


I completely agree with some of the arguments you’ve made:

Am I an idiot? Yes, clearly that goes without question.

Did I jump to conclusions? Of course, it’s my favorite habit. Ask any of my ex-girlfriends.

Was it poorly written? I’ve gathered as much from your responses. But then again, I don’t exactly “fancy” myself a writer like some people I know do. (See, I can be patronizing, too ;-). )

Should you all have taken something so literally that was written partly tongue-in-cheek with ironic undertones and with run-on sentences like this one, as an editorial piece of an open-source sports blog site? I’m not so sure about this.


Some of your comments were honestly very interesting and well said. Some of you (ahem Mr. James) on the other hand, sound to me like whiners, who are just making the same bland and baseless arguments that I am, but placing them on the other side of the coin.


I am NOT trying to turn this into a battle, because some of you strike me as the type of person that would start sentences by saying, “With all do respect,” and then call my mom a whore, and think it's ok. I just felt as though I needed to write a response defending the FACT that what I wrote was OPINION!



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