I Am No Longer Calling Them BCS Busters (With Appreciation to Pete Fiutak)

Kenneth Julian IIICorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

OK, that is it. I am done. I am officially hereby declaring myself finished with calling good teams from Non-BCS conferences BCS Busters.

Why? Because that will only proliferate the reasoning that they cannot hang with the Big Boys of the BCS.

Well, if this year is any indication (read: it is), then we should really take a deep look at how good these teams are who are (ahem) Non-BCS schools.

Think about BYU and Utah. Really good teams, right? Well, they have shown that they are very good, no matter the competition. If you believe in Tennessee, then you have to somewhat think that BYU is good.

Look, I will be the first to admit you cannot use the transitive property in college football, but something has to be said for BYU when they beat a Bruin team 59-0, considering that the same Bruin team not only beat Tennessee, but practically gave them every chance to take the game.

Utah did not even look good against Michigan and won despite three missed interceptions and over 10 penalties. Good teams find ways to win on the road.

What about TCU and Air Force? I am not saying that these undefeated teams (that is four in the MWC) can win the SEC or win the Big East (although there is a very strong case for BYU), but they can darn sure secure a nice bowl bid in those conferences.

Think about this: What if West Virginia and Virginia Tech win their conferences (which is completely feasible)? Then what do you do if East Carolina loses one game to maybe a one-loss Tulsa (also very feasible) in the Conference USA championship game?

Do you keep them out of the BCS because Utah or BYU went undefeated (which could be decidedly harder)?

And what about Fresno State? Say they go on and beat everyone else while Wisconsin wins the Big Ten undefeated. I mean, Fresno only lost by three points.

I know that there is a lot of football left, and God knows that anything can (and most likely will) happen. But I am really tired of the fact that these guys have to win every game to make it to the dance. Why can't they just be that good?

I mean, if they are beating some teams who are going to the BCS, should they not be there even with one conference loss to an also good team?

It would be different if BYU up and lost to UNLV (2-1 by the way), as no self-respecting BCS school would do such a thing (ahem, sorry Sun Devil fans). I mean, come on—I know the conferences are not that tough, but you do not see anyone trying to kick out Vandy for Southern Miss in the SEC.

All I am saying is that these teams are good enough to be there even with one loss. I am not even going to talk about the 2007 Fiesta Bowl and how it was 28-10 in the fourth quarter before Boise State started to give the game away, and how they held Adrian Peterson to 77 yards.

All I know is that we will all need a fresh dose of reality if TCU beats Oklahoma, Arkansas State beats Alabama, or hell, Troy beats LSU. I won't even begin to think of the excuses people would be giving for those teams not to be in the BCS (Troy went 8-4 last year and did not make a bowl game).

You know what? For the kids' sake I almost wish it would not happen—so they do not have to get their hopes crushed after such a big win.