Predicitions Aren't My Forte: Royal Rumble 2011

Joel DanielsContributor IJanuary 27, 2011

The Road To WM Begins At The Royal Rumble!
The Road To WM Begins At The Royal Rumble!

As the title suggests, I am not a huge fan of predicting or "calling" the outcome of matches.

I prefer to leave that job to the people who are in charge of writing the outcome of the WWE matches.

However, with this being the largest Royal Rumble ever (40 men instead of the usual order of 30), and with matches being set up all over the place, it became increasingly difficult to avoid the temptation of predicting.

So, in no particular order, I give you a list of all the people I predict to bask in the light of victory come Royal Rumble.


1. The Miz retains.

It's a given seeing that Cena and almost everyone else has been blatantly informing The Miz that he will not make it to WM—and more specifically, he will not make it past the Royal Rumble.

When John so nicely buried himself in telling us all what a WM match sounded like to him (aka Randy vs Cena at the main event of WM) a few Monday nights ago, he basically told us all that The Miz was going to win at the Royal Rumble—despite the crowd's high octane reaction to the idea.


2. Edge retains.

Yes—I heard of the rumors that stated that our Rated R Superstar would be packing his luggage soon; however, the Royal Rumble is not the place for Dolph Ziggler to hold gold.

He can have at it afterward, but just not at the Rumble.


3. Natalya retains.

I have no clue who she's facing at the Rumble, but she'll retain because a Beth Phoenix vs Natalya WM match is set in stone.


4. And the winner of the forty man Royal Rumble is...

Okay, not even I dare to predict that.

Obviously, I would love for Wade to walk away the victor. However, as far as that match up goes, I just have two thoughts:

Undertaker returns: Not physically, just focus the camera on Kane and Barrett as they're working together to eliminate someone, then cut the lights, play Taker's music and when the lights come back on, both Kane and Wade are gone.

HHH returns, and does nothing more than scoot into the ring, locate Sheamus and eliminate both the pale warrior and himself.

The camera can stay on their fight as they take it to the crowd and then lose them once they've hit the exit.


Well, I've done my part. Consider this a year of change... and expect a few more predictions from yours truly.

And so as Sunday bears down on us, and in the true spirit of WWE, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBBBBLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!