Report: ESPNU Miami in the Works, Following in Texas' Footsteps?

Danny DolphinAnalyst IJanuary 27, 2011



ESPN and the University of Texas came to an agreement last week on a 24-hour television network broadcasting Longhorn sports, among other things.

The deal is worth an eye-popping $300 million over 20 years.

There is a rumor swirling around, believed to be started by Coed Magazine, that nine other universities—including the University of Miami—have a similar concept in the works. The logo above originated from their site.

This by no means has been confirmed by the university or ESPN as of early Thursday evening and is strictly a hearsay rumor at this point. The logo above makes this intriguing at first thought.

On the other hand, does Miami have the market or alumni base to support such an endeavor? I can understand how a school like Texas can generate enough interest, but little old private school Miami?

How could they have enough interest to support an entire television network? I think the more realistic scenario is to have one channel, like ESPNU, house Miami and the other schools in regards to original programming, studio shows and other things of that nature.

As of now, I’m not buying.