WWE Now: Royal Rumble Predictions

Parker KlynContributor IJanuary 28, 2011

WWE Now: Royal Rumble Predictions

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    The Road to Wrestlemania officially begins Sunday, January 29 at the Royal Rumble at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. This is my personal favorite PPV and it really gets all WWE fans into the spirit of Wrestlemania.

    This year, 40 Superstars will participate in the Royal Rumble match, the first major change in the Rumble's format since its inception in 1988. This increases the odds of being eliminated by 33.3 percent, proving even more that the winner deserves to main-event Wrestlemania.

    Without further ado, here are my picks.

Natalya Vs. LayCool: WWE Diva's Championship

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    I suppose we should start with "the weak sauce." I have no doubt that this match will not, in fact, be "flawless." However, should WWE let these Divas work their magic, they could produce a decent match.

    Pros: Natalya (champion)

    Natalya's only had the title for two months, and it just seems like filler material to give the Divas' division some extra exposure. The daughter of Jim Neidhart is more talented than either of these girls and provides better reaction.

    Pros: LayCool

    While they just lost the title recently, they seem to stay in the title picture no matter what happens. They are without a doubt the most fan-recognized Divas in WWE, and they get a ton of heat no matter what show they appear on.

    The Edge: Natalya

    I believe that Natalya will hold the title for at least another month; I thought the idea of a feud with Melina was a great one and I hope WWE goes back to that.

    What could happen:

    Beth Phoenix will interfere on Natalya's behalf, causing Beth and Natalya to form a team to counter LayCool.

The Miz Vs. Randy Orton: WWE Championship

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    The Miz and Randy Orton just met last month at TLC, and the Miz came out victorious, so this really doesn't look much different. However, The Miz finally looked strong after ferociously annihilating Orton a few weeks ago, so a clean win is possible.

    Pros: The Miz (champion)

    I have only one thing to say about The Miz: Alex Riley. He can easily interfere in the match, causing a DQ and letting The Miz keep the title.

    Pros: Randy Orton

    He gets almost as much of a pop as John Cena, so the fans obviously love him. He can use the RKO out of just about any situation. Also, Randy Orton as WWE Champion at Wrestlemania will sell more tickets.

    The Edge: The Miz

    WWE is trying to make both of these Superstars look strong by letting The Miz keep the championship and not having either get pinned. However, it's almost a lock for Alex Riley to interfere:

    What could happen:

    John Morrison runs to the ring to stop Alex Riley from interfering, letting Randy Orton gain the championship and causing a feud between Morrison and The Miz.

Edge Vs. Dolph Ziggler: World Heavyweight Championship

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    Dolph Ziggler got somewhat thrown into the main-event picture after winning a Fatal Four-way on Smackdown. These two have had some pretty heated interactions, and this is my pick for Match of the Night (aside from the Royal Rumble).

    Pros: Edge (champion)

    Edge has looked so strong after beating Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship. A Wrestlemania main event sounds a lot more appealing if Edge is in it than if Dolph Ziggler is in the title.

    Pros: Dolph Ziggler

    The odds seem to be going is way after a certain announcement on this Friday's Smackdown (I won't go into specifics for sake of spoilers). He seems to have the "it" factor to make it in WWE.

    The Edge: Edge

    No pun intended, but Edge is winning this. I just can't see the direction WWE is going by giving Dolph the title, especially this close to Wrestlemania.

    What could happen:

    Dolph could pin the Rated-R Superstar, and the feud could continue for months until Wrestlemania.

The Royal Rumble

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    This is my favorite match of the year. How often do you get to see just about the entire WWE roster duking it out in one gigantic match? Once a year at the Royal Rumble:

    CM Punk:

    He is currently on a huge roll and he has all of his Nexus buddies in there with him:

    Wade Barrett:

    Same reasons as Punk, and Undertaker could win the title at Elimination Chamber, so Barrett could fight him.

    John Cena:

    He is the face of WWE and will sell the most tickets by main-eventing Wrestlemania.

    Triple H:

    We're no strangers to surprise returns in the Rumble, and there would be no shock in Triple H winning.

    Alberto Del Rio:

    He has been the only superstar talking about winning the Rumble, and he is currently in the middle of the a monster push.

    The Edge: John Cena

    He simply doesn't lose matches, even with 40 other competitors.

    What could happen:

    Christian could return, spelling Edge vs. Christian at Wrestlemania.

Bleacher Report!

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    This is my first prediction article. It was a little disappointing since there are only four announced matches, but when the others are announced there will be a slew of new prediction articles.

    So please, give me any feedback or constructive criticism.