UFC-Fight Night 15. Houston Alexander/Eric Schafer Fight: What Happened!?

M. FugazziCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

The match up. UFC Fight Night 15.

Houston Alexander (36 - 205 - 6" - 72) MMA Rec. 8-3-1

Eric Schafer (30 - 205 - 6'3 - 76) MMA Rec. 11-3-2 


A good match up with both fighters coming off losses and each strong in the area the other was weak. Schafer is good at BJJ and Alexander is good at knocking people out. Heres what happened.


Round 1 (0:00-0:36)

The round begins, the fighters move forward, Schafer puts his hand out to touch gloves Houston blows him off. They size each other up for a about three seconds before Houston throws a quick left jab and immediately goes into the clinch pulling Schafers head into two devastating knees knocking him to the ground, the hometown crowd goes absolutely nuts. Why Schafer is not out cold I have no idea. Houston goes in for the kill and in desperation Schafer goes for a foot or leg lock but ends up with Houston in full-guard.



Houston gets out of the full-guard and stands up, with Schafer slowly getting to his feet. Houston begins again with a left jab and follows suprisingly with a low leg kick. Schafer keeps distance and Houston lands another low leg kick as the crowd cheers him on.



Schafer senses he's doomed and goes for a take-down pushing Houston to the cage where they lock up. He grabs Houstons ankle but catches a partial knee instead. Houston works around to separate and immediately throws a big right. Schafer deflects it and nervously works his way to the center throwing a weak knee and then going for a another take-down which Houston stuffs, showing that at least he was prepared for the attempts. Both fighters clinch and engage in some Couture style dirty boxing with Houstons back at the cage.



Still in the clinch exchanging knees and short punches they gradually work toward the center of the ring with Houston grabbing the wasteband of Schafers shorts and first missing a huge knee then landing a second one to Schafers body.  Houston pushes him away to keep it stand-up. He throws a jab but Schafer ducks and goes for the take-down, again Houston demonstrates good defense, for a moment anyway.



Schafer gets Houston unbalanced and takes him to the ground like a falling tree, where he gets side mount. Houston looks winded or confused and Schafer delivers several short elbows to his head and face. Houston takes several punches to the head and quickly realizes he must escape. He twists and hooks his feet on the cage arching his back while pushing Schafer off of him. As he tries to get up Schafer immediately puts him into a guillotine choke which bulges Houstons vein on the top of his head. It looks over but Houston squeezes out only to be rolled into a full mount by Schafer who increasingly can sense victory.



With Houston still on his back, Schafer starts dropping more forearms and elbows while Houston tries to escape, but being on the ground is clearly his weakest point. Schafer throws punches, drops elbows, and maintains complete control. Houston is desperate and looks winded, unable to defend he just puts his hands over his face.

Dazed and confused after taking multiple punches and elbows, Houston looks to be either exhausted or hoping for the bell to ring. Schafer unable to KO him works an arm triangle choke and Houston, after a few seconds of feeble resistance....taps out. The ref brings Houston to his feet. Schafer walks away mocking Houston a little bit. Fight Over in Round One.


I think despite the loss Houston Alexander demonstrated that he has improved. He fought a patient fight, didn't just go for a quick knockout and tried to set Schafer up and keep things standup, which played to his strengths.

He showed good takedown defense and landed some hard knees that will surely leave bruises on Schafers body and face by nights end. Houston has four fights left on his contract, I doubt they will be losses.