Jimmer Ferdette: This Kid In Provo Is Shaking Up The Basketball Word

Bryan GonzalezCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2011

Jimmer is now at Rock Star status
Jimmer is now at Rock Star status

In today's world of Twitter and Facebook it's incredible how fast news explodes and goes "viral" in literally a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Well, last night when college basketball's premier match-up of the season, No. 4 SDSU vs No. 9 BYU in Provo, was overand even while it was happeningthe internet was ablaze with The Jimmer.

Even though the game was on a CBS substation because of school tv contracts, people still found a way to watch. 

The Jimmer being BYU guard Jimmer Ferdette who managed his third 40-point game in one week. Ferdette has now elevated himself from great scorer to basketball icon in a matter of weeksBut not everyone is buying it.

Being from the Provo area, I can personally testify as to how Ferdette as effected the region.

Whether it's playing pick-up ball or at the local restauraunt, he somehow finds his way into the conversation.

It's something I cannot remember happening around here in a very long time.

While it has happened with teams beforelike the Utah Utes in 2008 when they went to the Sugar bowl or the Jazz when they aren't losing five in a rownever has one person been on this high a level of national exposure.

But when 22,000 screaming people in the Marriot Center Wendsay night start screaming "you got Jimmered" you know he is on a different level.

Now, I can honestly say I have never seen him play a full game for two reasonsI'm not a BYU basketball fan and I work nights so its tough to watch while at work. 

But last year I got a chance to see the New Mexico game when they came to Provo and at the time that was hyped as one of the biggest games ever and it was nothing less than electric. However, that was when Ferdette was recovering from Mono and didn't play very much. 

Last night was the first chance I really have gotten, other than highlights, to see him play for a bit at work and I was captivatedand I'm not even a fan! 

The shots he made with hands in his face were unreal as well was his range! When he crosses half court he is a threat to score because that IS his rangejust ask Utah.

Despite this I've seen a lot of people hating on Ferdette and there only real argument is that he won't be good in the NBA and it's ONLY college, ect.

Personally, I don't understand the negativityI don't hear anyone saying Ferdette is going to be an amazing NBA player.

I don't think he will be a great pro player, but I do think the NBA has room for him if he can find a niche just like J.J. Reddick. But right now none of that really matters because Ferdette is in school, leading his team toward the NCAA tournament. 

Just because it's college doesn't make what is happening any less amazing.

In my opinion college athletics capture sports in their purest form because it's just unpaid kids that bust their butt to win!

So what if he isn't a good pro? Back in 2004 when the USC Trojans played the Texas Longhorns in football for the BCS Championship, that was one of the most brilliant sports games ever, that will be remembered forever, and it was college!

What happened to the stars of that game?Reggie Bush is the only player that is even average in the NFL. 

Or the Uconn women and their amazing run at history? They aren't pros, yet their accomplishments captivated and entertained the entire nation nonetheless.

Kevin Durrant, John Wall, and Nelly are some of the biggest names to give a shoutout to Jimmer Ferdette on Twitter so we know that some NBA stars think he can play.

So to all the haters out there just go drink your hateraid and leave this kid alone. There is nothing quite like a good sports story and when you get to be around it and feel apart of something special that is why the 'bandwagon' gets so full.

Greatness is rare so embrace it and let's see how far this guy Ferdette and the BYU Cougars can go in March.