Seven Plays Dumber Than DeSean Jackson

Jack NewContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

Of course, the Philadelphia Eagles Jackson’s play was not of huge consequence (although some of the staunchest Cowboys haters were hoping for a goal-line stand, just for karma). There have been plenty of bonehead plays before his. We at IGN reviewed some of the best in recent sports history:


7 - Leon Lett’s Fumble Recovery

It is widely accepted that with his bonehead play, DeSean Jackson has officially entered the Leon Lett Club. For some reason, the king of bonehead plays is not on YouTube as of this writing, but in Super Bowl XXVII (Jan 1993), Lett was fortunate enough to recover a fumble against the Buffalo Bills and take it to the house...Except he put his hands out to celebrate in the last 10 yards before approaching the end zone and one of the Bills players caught up to him and knocked the ball out of his hand. Although it was in the Super Bowl, the play was of no consequence as the Cowboys won handily.


6 - Leon Lett. Again. The very next season.

This time was not in the Super Bowl, but it did cost his team the game. On Thanksgiving Day, 1993, during a snowstorm in Dallas, the Cowboys were leading the Dolphins 14-13 and simply needed to run out the clock if the Dolphins miss their field goal.

Well, the FG was blocked and the Cowboys started celebrating–except Lett tried to pick up the ball and proceeded to fumble it, which allowed the Dolphins to regain possession and kick another FG as the clock ran out.


5 - Jose Canseco uses his head

During his 1993 stint with the Texas Rangers, Canseco allowed what would’ve been an easy out against the Cleveland Indians to be an easy score. He lost a flyball in the lights as he approached the warning track, and the ball missed his glove and bounced off his head. In a sport that is so heavily based on statistics, it’s safe to say that Canseco led the league that year in assists.

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