Toronto Maple Leafs Notes: Training Camp Roster, Jamal Mayers Impresses, et al

Derek HarmsworthSenior Writer ISeptember 17, 2008

Personal Preface

Just a quick little note before we get into today's edition of Maple Leafs Notes.  It was literally like two, maybe three weeks ago that I questioned whether or not I wanted to write anymore. 

I don't know if it was the lull of the summer, or my juggling of two jobs and this hobby as well. 

I was going to write a final article, saying my goodbyes, but instead I put it off until I came back from my vacation to New York City during Labour Day.

Since I have came back, maybe it is because hockey is kicking into high gear again, I don't know.  But I do know that I have had a new found passion for writing. 

Writers on this site don't say it nearly enough, but I just wanted to remind everyone reading this that I appreciate all the comments and reads from the articles.

This is a community network.  We all make it work.  We all make it what it is—one of the greatest open-source networks on the web today.

Now, onto the news.

Maple Leafs Training Camp Roster Announced

The Toronto Maple Leafs announced their training camp roster today, and boy is it long!  Nothing too surprising, but it is nice to see Chris Didomenico invited to camp, along with rookie tournament player Eric Wellwood.  Below is a complete list of players and their jersey numbers.


Antropov, Nik 80
Aubin, Brent 48
Battaglia, Bates 33
Bell, Mark 28
Blake, Jason 55
Boyce, Darryl 47
Champagne, Joel 73
Cooper, Joe 60
Deveaux, Andre 56
Devereaux, Boyd 22
DiDomenico, Christopher 61
Earl, Robbie 52
Foster, Alex 32
Giliati, Stefano 49
Grabovski, Mikhail 84
Hagman, Niklas 9
Hollweg, Ryan 44
Kulemin, Nikolai 41
Mayers, Jamal 21
Mitchell, Dale 46
Mitchell, John 39
Moore, Dominic 19
Newbury, Kris 54
Ondrus, Ben 25
Ponikarovsky, Alexei 23
Rogers, Kyle 50
Rudisuela, Dan 76
Scott, Greg 57
Stajan, Matt 14
Stapleton, Tim 42
Steen, Alex 10
Stefanovich, Mikhail 67
Taylor, Max 58
Tlusty, Jiri 11
Wellwood, Eric 66
Williams, Jeremy 18


Boumedienne, Josef 38
Colaiacovo, Carlo 8
Finger, Jeff 4
Frogren, Jonas 24
Kaberle, Tomas 15
Kronwall, Staffan 40
Kubina, Pavel 77
Langdon, Scott 75
Oreskovic, Phil 45
Perry, Todd 51
Petiot, Richard 43
Schenn, Luke 2
Schneider, Andy53
Sifers, Jaime 59
Stralman, Anton 36
Uotila, Juha 68
Van Ryn, Mike 26
White, Ian 7


Joseph, Curtis 31
Munro, Adam 30
Ouzas, Michael 71
Pogge, Justin 29
Reimer, James 34
Toskala, Vesa 35

The Maple Leafs had optional skates all week and kicked off their training camp today doing strictly drills and various activities. 

Training camp, featuring scrimmages and full-contact activity, begins tomorrow.

The first preseason game for the Maple Leafs is the Coke Zero Fans First game, which is live from the Air Canada Centre this Monday night.  The game will be televised on Rogers Sportsnet.

Mayers Impressing Coaches, Teammates

After being traded from St. Louis to his hometown of Toronto, Jamal Mayers spent the summer working hard, focusing mostly on high-intensity speed training. 

Aside from his leadership, Mayers will be counted on to bring speed and grit to a team that sorely lacked both last season.

During a hard skating drill, Mayers was easily the fastest skater on the ice, and amazed coached and teammates with his speed. 

"He's so fast...I don't know.  Everyone saw it in the summer scrimmages, but today you really saw it.  By his second stride he was at full speed.  It's pretty awesome."

World Cup Of Hockey Returning

With the NHL's participation in the Olympics up in the air, it appears the NHL and the players' association is going forward in planning life without the Winter Games, as they began to plan the next World Cup Of Hockey, which is likely to take place in 2011, shortly before the start of the 2011-2012 NHL season.

The World Cup Of Hockey was last played in 2004, when Shane Doan scored the game-winning goal for Canada in the championship game.  They defeated Finland 2-1 to win the trophy.

The final was played the day before the NHL owners locked out its players.

Once the tournament returns in 2011, it will likely be played every four years.