Top 5 Rugby Union Bloopers: Leguizamon, Ndungane, Williams, Poitrenaud and Jane

Steve MunfordContributor IJanuary 26, 2011

Fans flock in their thousands to watch sport being played at its finest. But every now and again, even professionals can prove themselves to be human, and it is just as well received by the fans as a piece of brilliance. We should feel sorry for the individual involved, who would love to just crawl into a hole and hide from the thousands in the stadium, but we quite frankly can't help but laugh.

Here are my top five Rugby Union bloopers.


1. Juan Manuel Leguizamon – London Irish v Wasps

Premature arrogance at its finest. Juan Manuel Leguizamon has been a fantastic player over the years, but unfortunately, he will be remembered for this most shocking of errors. When you hear coaches tell kids to “just put the bloody ball down”, this is the reason.


2. Ndungane – Sharks v Crusaders

Another glaring miss, this time from a more clinical finisher in Odwa Ndungane. It is a great move from the Sharks, which deserved to end in a try, but the Springbok winger had other ideas. In looking behind to check for covering defenders, he seems to forget he has the ball in his hands and despairingly spills it forward over the goal line.


3. Martyn Williams miss in penalty shoot-out – Cardiff Blues v Leicester

You could predict the outcome of Martyn Williams' shoot-out attempt after Stuart Barnes' introduction (go to eight minutes on the video).

“Martyn Williams, the king of Cardiff, this would be the cruelest thing if Martyn Williams were to miss it. A brilliant footballer, I say Martyn Williams gets it.”

Thus, the commentators curse strikes again as Williams agonizingly hooks his kick to the left and sends his beloved Cardiff crashing out at the semifinal stage of the Heineken Cup.


4.      Rob Howley’s Heineken Cup final try against Toulouse. “What has Poitrenaud done?”

What has Poitrenaud done indeed. One could only look on in shock, and elation if you were English, as Howley touched down in the Twickenham corner, giving Wasps Heineken Cup glory and giving Clement Poitrenaud a lifetime of nightmares. Poitrenaud has been a fine player for Toulouse and France, but I doubt whether he will ever be able to banish the memories of this unforgivable and hugely costly error.


5. Corey Janes nose charge down:

One of the finest examples of commitment to the cause that I have ever seen. Everyone knows that Corey Jane has an innate ability to sniff out a try-scoring opportunity, but on this occasion, he had another task for his nose. You can’t help but wince as the ball cannons into his face and sends him "limbo dancing" to the ground. Credit must be given for the way he bounces straight back up and attempts to brush off the whole incident