Boston Red Sox Prospect Report: First Base

JB McCandlesCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

It is safe to say that the Boston Red Sox are set for the next 5 to 10 years at first base with Kevin Youkilis. Youkilis is the stereotypical Red Sox. He has a high on-base percentage and over the last two years has shown immense improvements with his power. All of these prospects below will be playing for a back up spot or a fill in spot with an injury to Youkilis.

Jeff Baily, Position: 3, Age 29

Baily is a very versatile player, who can play first, the corner outfields, and catcher. This could help him make the team next year. He has a below average glove with limited range and a strong arm. He has a very good bat with a lot of power. He is a very patient hitter and makes good contact. He is an intelligent base runner, but isn't fast (similar to Larry Walker). Strikes out a lot, but has shown great improvement. 

He seems to be a very strong bench player for the Red Sox in the future, but could start for small market team.

Aaron Bates, Position: 3, Age 24

Bates is very good first basemen with a lot of power. His home run numbers have gone down since he has moved up in the ranks. He has a great selective approach at the plate. He is a strong opposite field hitter, which is a good sign. This shows that he has a short swing and hits the inside half of the ball. 

He has above average range at first base and has an average arm. He has great physical strength and has shown signs of good mental strength as well.

Lars Anderson, Position: 3, Age 20

Anderson has a large build and is a great power hitter. He has a very good eye at the plate and has great patience. He could be a bit more aggressive, but that will come with time. Just like it did with Youkilis. He hits the ball to all fields very well. He struggles with the off speed pitches.

He is an awkward first basemen, but still makes the plays. He has great range and very strong arm. He makes intelligent plays as well. He has average speed for a first basemen, but isn't a stolen base threat. This guy could end up around the lines of a James Lonley or maybe a little bit of Kevin Youkilis.

2009 Roster:

Boston Red Sox (MLB)

 Kevin Youkilis, Starter

 Jeff Baily, Back Up

Pawtucket Paw Sox (AAA)

 Aaron Bates, Starter

Portland Sea Dogs (AA)

 Lars Anderson, Starter