Herschel Walker: The Pros and Cons of Strikeforce Putting Him On Main Cards

Andrew GladstoneCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2011

Herschel Walker: The Pros and Cons of Strikeforce Putting Him On Main Cards

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    Courtesy of ESPN

    Herschel Walker (1-0) is a football legend that has garnered Strikeforce and MMA overall more mainstream coverage.

    On one hand, it feels great that an athlete of Herschel's calibre is putting forth a lot of effort to succeed in the sport.

    On the other hand, what about the athletes who have worked, sweat and bled for years? Don't they deserve a chance to be on the main card over a fighter who has limited MMA experience?

    These are the pros and cons of Strikeforce putting Herschel Walker on main cards.

Pro: Shows That Aging Athletes Can Still Learn How to Fight

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    Courtesy of Strikeforce

    One thing about Herschel Walker is that he doesn't let age stop him from competing.

    Walker is proof that it isn't about how old you are. As long as you are dedicated to training and putting forth a great effort, you can do what you put your brain to.

Con: It Makes People Think Any Athlete Can Do MMA

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    Courtesy of FEG

    Herschel is one of the few athletes to have taken the sport seriously, but other athletes have tried just to get publicity.

    MMA shouldn't be a publicity stunt. With Walker's presence other athletes from different sports may think they can do anything they want, and a big organization will sign them.

Pro: Athletes Will Get Paid Better

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    Earlier this week, on the Strikeforce media call, Walker made mention of how he will use his notoriety to help other MMA fighters make money.

    Due to his fame and all the media attention, the fighters may get paid more from the sponsors and Strikeforce with all the ticket sales.

Con: If Walker Loses, Strikeforce May Look Bad

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    Courtesy of Strikeforce

    Walker is someone who has a lot of media attention, and if Walker loses devastatingly, then Strikeforce may look ugly with all the hype that's been surrounding him.

    Strikeforce may look bad as well because Walker has been given lower-level competition to build him up as a fighter, and a loss would take away some of Walker's marketability.

Pro: More High-Level Famous Athletes May Seriously Train MMA

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    Courtesy of the WBO

    If another high-level athlete with fame attempts MMA, there will be more attention on the sport.

    If heavyweight, high-level athletes from sports such as football start training MMA, the heavyweight division may end up a lot deeper.

Con: Fans May View the Sport as a Freak Show

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    Courtesy of Pro Elite

    While Walker does take MMA seriously, there will still be a plethora of fans who will still believe he's fighting a freak show fight because he isn't an elite fighter.

    Casual fans reading the news may think that this is ridiculous that an aging football player is fighting in MMA and will not tune in.

Pro: More People Will Attend the Strikeforce Shows

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    As if people weren't pumped enough for the solid cards that Strikeforce has been putting on as of late, adding Herschel will bring their attendance up.

    In fact, "Strikeforce: Miami" was one of the best-attended Strikeforce shows in 2010 with just over 7,000 people.

Con: If Walker Makes It to the Elite in MMA, the Sport May Be Looked Down on

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    Courtesy of HBO Sports

    If Walker actually succeeds and breaks into the top 10, members of major sports outlets may criticize MMA fighters for having a lack of athleticism and skills because an exceptional 47-year-old athlete did well.

Pro: More Recognition for Fighters on the Card

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    Herschel Walker's multiple appearances on ESPN and other sports outlets no doubt bring in more recognition for the fighters.

    Walker is a legend and a great ambassador for any sport he decides to compete in.

Con: Pushes Back Established Fighters to the Undercard

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    Courtesy of Strikeforce

    Walker is coming into his second fight in MMA, and because of his name, he will push talented fighters to the undercard.

    While it isn't his fault, as it is Strikeforce that decides to put him in the spotlight, it does make getting money from sponsors difficult if you're not on the main card.