Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers: Week Two Comparison

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

This is the second installment of the Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers match-up. Let’s kick it week two style.

The Packers had a solid victory over the Detroit Lions, 48-25, making the Packers' management look like geniuses so far for deciding to go with QB Aaron Rodgers.

I'd like to stress, just like I did last week, that it is too early to clearly see how well Aaron Rodgers will perform during the course of his career. However, we can say that he is 2-0 as the starter for the Green Bay Packers. For now, all is well for the cheese heads.

Brett Favre suffered his first loss as a New York Jet this week, 19-10, against the defending AFC Champions, the New England Patriots.

Before we hand Rodgers a victory this week, let us consider the fact that the Patriots are a more valid opponent than the Lions. Green Bay was supposed to win the game, while the Jets were supposed to “give it all they had” to try for the upset.  Before we declare a winner, let's review some stats?

Passing Yards

With 328 yards through the air, Rodgers crushes Favre’s total of 181 this week


Rodgers completed six more passes, getting 24 to Favre’s 18. This is the second week in a row that Rodgers wins this category. He now has nine more completions than Favre on the season.

Completion Percentage

Rodgers dropped to 63.2 percent this week, allowing Favre’s 69.2 percent to claim this category.


Rodgers wins with three passing touchdowns compared to Favre’s lone six-point toss. Neither player had a rushing touchdown.

Passer Rating

Rodgers takes the victory this week with a passer rating of 117.0.  Favre mustered an 85.6 rating.


Aaron Rodgers wins this category after rushing four times for 25 yards. Favre carried the ball twice for six yards. Favre was also sacked twice, while Rodgers was able to get the throw off all but once.

Final Analysis

Before we jump on the “Trouble in NY” bandwagon, remember that the Patriots are a good team, even without Tom Brady. Also, remember that Brady does not play defense, so Brett Favre’s day was not made any easier by the loss of Brady.

It is no surprise that Favre did not have better numbers than Rodgers. However, it is a surprise that, after two weeks, Rodgers has not thrown an interception. Favre only turned the ball over once this week, but he lost fumble last week. Rodgers put the ball on the ground twice this week, only losing one.

Therefore they both only committed one turnover last game. Surprisingly, after two weeks, Rodgers will receive the nod for having the better game.

Here is why he gets it this week: Even though his opponent was mediocre, the Packers won the game. Not only did they win it, but they put up 48 points. Favre and the Jets could only put up 10 points. The Jets lost by two possessions, the Packers won by three possessions.

Congratulations for your week two victory Aaron Rodgers, keep up the good work and good luck to both in week three.         

Score after Week Two

Favre 0, Rodgers 2