LayCool Back in the Title Picture: Really, WWE?!

Renee GerberCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2011

LayCool are back in the title picture, ugh... Photo copyright to
LayCool are back in the title picture, ugh... Photo copyright to

Who was actually surprised with the outcome of last night's Divas Championship match? Show of hands...

Well, you're not alone, because I wasn't surprised, either. I think we all knew about a week into Natalya's latest feud that Melina becoming No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship was just a filler, unfortunately.

The WWE could have done so much more with this storyline, for starters, having Melina explain her actions in turning on and slapping the Dungeon diva. That never happened, not even when she sat at the announcer's table on last week's RAW during Natalya's non-title match against Maryse!

In addition, Melina never exacted "revenge" against Eve for pinning her after a single move in the six-diva tag-team match on the Jan. 3rd edition of RAW. She had the perfect opportunity to put the 2007 Diva Search winner in her place last week or in a match on, say Superstars, but it never happened.

When you really think about it, none of the above should really come as any surprise—and it doesn't. However, there is one thing that really irks me, and everyone reading this right now knows exactly what that is.

LayCool are now back in the title picture and will be getting their match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. To quote the Miz, "Really, WWE? Really?!"

Yes, it's true that the mean girls never did get their rematch after Natalya defeated them for the championship at Survivor Series. It seemed they had forgotten about invoking the automatic clause as the last champions and instead proceeded to lose match after match against not only Natalya but Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly as well.

Early this month, I wrote an article stating that LayCool were exactly where they should have been for another website. In other words, on the losing end of things after Michelle McCool spent the better part of two years in the championship picture.

But now, after last night's RAW and Melina's loss in her title match against Natalya, we're right back full circle, and LayCool are once again in contention.

Are you kidding me?! When does it end?

As I said at the beginning of this piece, I understand that Melina being No.1 contender was just a filler...but couldn't we have someone new gunning for Natalya's championship? Do we really have to go through having McCool—I'm sorry, but I don't believe Layla will really get a title to share this time around, should LayCool win—on top yet again?!

If the WWE plays this whole thing out properly, it could actually be a good thing. This would be the perfect way to finally split LayCool up once and for all. Should the self-proclaimed "flawless" ones have some sort of mishap at the Royal Rumble, this could actually be good, and something to watch.

It is up in the air as to whether or not Kelly Kelly will eventually turn heel in the midst of her current storyline with Drew McIntyre. Should there be some kind of swerve where that happens instead of the Chosen One going face, it would even out the ratio of face vs. heel divas, should a LayCool split occur.

I am thinking Layla would be the face in this split scenario, and it would be good for her to move to RAW. The red brand now has its issues with the face/heel ratio as well, since Melina turned heel last month, and now it appears that the Bella Twins have both gone heel after the hilarious and surprising backstage segment involving them, Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim.

Come to think of it, the split could still happen even if LayCool defeat Natalya at the Rumble. Michelle could show her true colors at last and turn on Layla, declaring she'll never share a championship with her again. Of course, I would rather see the other scenario occur, with Natalya retaining, but who knows where the WWE is going with this...

A LayCool split is a long time coming, but do we really need Michelle McCool to continue to "make history" in the process? No thank you, WWE.