WWE: 10 Things I Would Like To See At the Royal Rumble

Joe HubbsContributor IIJanuary 25, 2011

WWE: 10 Things I Would Like To See At the Royal Rumble

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    You know, I wouldn't exactly call these Royal Rumble predictions, because I don't make good predictions. BUT, these are 10 things I would like to see, am hopeful to see, will be very happy if I see at this year's Royal Rumble. I didn't include things that we know will not happen (though I did include something I hope will not happen).

    As always, your comments are encouraged.

#1. John Morrison Break Mysterio’s Record

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    I like records, but I love record-breaking performances more.

    Morrison goes in as #3 or #4, lasts until the final 2, and is eliminated by the winner at the 63 minute mark or so (the drama!). He then goes on to fight the winner at the Elimination Chamber in a 1:1 for revenge before headlining WrestleMania against the Miz.

    So that means...

#2. The Miz Retains

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    I don’t even like Miz as champion that much, but I don’t care to see Orton win it in this way. I’m a pretty big Orton fan, too, but the timing isn’t right. There's not much good story to it. I don’t care if it’s clean or not- probably works best if it isn’t.

#3. Edge Retains

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    I am NOT ready for Dolph Ziggler as a champion. Sheamus was too much, I’m getting used to the Miz. Ziggler needs to stay down for a while longer as do some other fairly new blood rumored to be potential championship contenders.

#4. Big Show Breaks Kane's Record For Eliminations

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    This record needs to belong to the LARGEST PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE IN THE WORLD. Otherwise, being the LPAITW doesn’t mean much. If you cannot dominate a rumble match like Andre often did a battle royal, you have no credibility as a giant.

#5. The Corre Eliminates The Big Show

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    Barrett and Big Show are headed toward a huge collision (I hope; otherwise, what a waste?), and I think it’s a great move for both. Let this be the fuel that feeds that already burning fire of their feud. 

    (Could be a WM match if Barrett isn’t already designated to face Taker like so many predict.)

#6. Triple H Does Not Return

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    I don’t hate Triple H, but I am kind of happy not to have him around. Let some of the younger guys get built up and then have him come back to put them over. But for the time being, stay corporate.

    (And if you do come back, don't win it, or I think I will hate you.)

#7. At Least 3 Legends Come Out For a Few Bumps

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    I get a kick out of that 5 second high when I first hear the bagpipes or some other old-timer’s music that I used to love. 

    The Snake is supposed to be on his retirement tour- how’s about a stop in Boston? 

    Terry Funk’s not dead yet- put him in the ring! 

    Let the Warlord come out and reclaim his record by getting knocked out of the match in ¾ of a second (told you I love record breaking performances!). 

    There’s 40 spots- let’s give a few retirees another jolt to the ticker.

#8. The 'Taker Is Teased

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    Lights go down. 

    Bell tolls.

    Lightning strikes. 

    Lights come up. 

    Sheamus is draped over the top rope. 

    Tyson Kidd or somebody walks over and pushes him out.  

    The feud is ON setting up a WrestleMania match.

#9. Vince Makes an Appearance

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    (Hopefully this time without tearing a quad.) 

    I like it when Vince gets involved. Maybe he could seek a little revenge for the beat down he got from members of the New Nexus/Corre factions. 

    While the action is going on, he just casually strolls out, waits a moment, stops the match, and offers a $10,000 reward for every superstar who eliminates a member of these two factions, and restarts things.  “You don't cross the boss! Have a nice match, boys.” Then he leaves and they don't last two more minutes.

    A special award ceremony on Raw for the money prize winners???

#10. And The Winner Is...

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    I’d love it to be Christian, but I don’t think it will be. All signs point to no, though perhaps it’s a ruse? 

    Doesn’t sound like Jericho’s coming back either, but I’m not interested in seeing he and Edge go at it in back-to-back WrestleManias anyways.

    Maaayyyybe Alberto del Rio, but in my mind, still too new to WWE. 

    So, in unprecedented fashion, the winner of the 2011 RR I’d like to see is-

Randy Orton Wins The 2011 Royal Rumble

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    Orton loses his title match with the Miz earlier in the night, is furious and goes ballistic backstage. He then takes out a late competitor and charges in to win it, setting up Edge v. Orton for WM. 

    This also sets up Orton v Morrison at the Elimination Chamber (in line with my earlier call), which could be a hell of a good match.

    I think Orton is the kind of character that could pull this off and still stay face whereas most would have to go heel. They could even do a face:face match heading up to WM a la Austin/Rock WMX7 (and I think we can all agree that turned out pretty damn good).

Looking Ahead to WrestleMania 27

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    With these hopeful outcomes, my WrestleMania card looks like so:

    Orton v Edge- World title

    Miz v Morrison- WWE title

    Sheamus v Taker

    Cena v Punk

    Barrett v Big Show

    …and I would finally have a WM card I am interested in (because most I’ve seen in the predictions or rumors so far do not interest me much). 

    Mind you, this is not what I think will happen, but it is what I would like to have happen.

    Stay tuned for my post-Rumble article on all new predictions once these don’t work out.