WWE: Does It Have More Surprises Ahead on the Road To Wrestlemania?

Adrian ReyesContributor IFebruary 18, 2011

What's up, fellow Bleachers?

Now that Wrestlemania is getting closer and closer and the event is shaping up, every day more news comes of what's ahead in the coming weeks. And from the looks of it, the return of the Rock was the first of many surprises coming from powers that be in the WWE.

According to Jim Ross' blog on JRsBarBQ.com, Good Ole JR believes that the shocks and surprises are just beginning on the Road to Wrestlemania. JR knows the wrestling biz as much as anyone else in the business and when he writes something like that, everyone should take notice.

Also, on TWNPnews.com, they have an interview featuring Chris Jericho and in this interview, he says this regarding Mania, "You think The Rock is the last thing that is going to be a selling point. NO WAY! I'm sure he's (Vince McMahon) got two or three other things up his sleeve for this Wrestlemania...There's still five weeks until Wrestlemania."

These are two very credible people in the wrestling business and they both are pretty sure big things are still coming for the Showcase of the Immortals. But what surprises are in store for us in the coming weeks?

We still have the mystery surrounding the now mega-famous 2-21-11 videos. Most people are sure it's the return of the Undertaker but people are also sure that there is another person standing on the outside of the house.  Speculation has people saying its everyone from Sting to Triple H to the retired Shawn Michaels. Thankfully, that will all be cleared up in just a few days.

Then we also have the mystery surrounding the anonymous GM. Everyone has been waiting for months for the unveiling of the Raw general manager and hopefully we find out who he/she is.  Names that have been tossed around as for who is the GM go from Triple H to Vince McMahon to Stephanie McMahon.

And we also have the mysterious legs that came out of a limo before the Rock made his return Monday night. They definitely were a pair of women's legs and a lot of members of the IWC believe that they belong to Stephanie McMahon. Is she the anonymous GM? Maybe we will find out soon.

Also, there are other questions regarding big surprises.

Maybe the signing of Sting? Jerry Lawler winning the WWE Heavyweight Title? The Rock versus John Cena at WM? Christian returning at Elimination Chamber?

These are all questions fans want answered and the way its looking, answers are coming very, very soon. Let the speculation continue as we get closer and closer to Wrestlemania.