WWE's Next Big Thing? Who Could Be The Next Big Star To Take Us Forward?

Iqbal SirajContributor IIJanuary 24, 2011

For the past couple of years we have had without fail Orton, Edge, Triple H or Cena main eventing every PPV, regardless if the titles on the line. It shows how WWE keep failing to create new stars.

Then Nexus came aboard, but hey, Cena and Orton still find their way into the main event picture. Then Miz becomes WWE Champion. Oh guess what? Orton is there again.

But wait, the title does not even get the main event slot, what does? Cena in a non-title match. 

I believe some people have got sick of Nexus, but because CM Punk is now the leader of Nexus, it has become fresh again. But the constant run-ins are getting boring now.

Also Wade Barrett the leader of a Nexus reject group? Wow WWE, you really have run out of ideas. Wade Barrett should be at the top by now, not being held back by another group.

That shows again that they would rather stick with people like Cena and Edge. I ain't complaining about Punk because he is deserving of a main event slot, much like how Daniel Bryan should be up there, but more on him later.

What made WWE lower and mid carders meaningful in the earlier years was that there was actually titles that meant something.

Tag Team Championship matches were exciting to watch because there were actually tag teams, no "lets put these two together because we have run out of things to do with them" kind of tag teams, but actual tag teams.

Brother Ray of Team 3D was right when he said he rejected the idea of going WWE because they do not have tag teams there, what would be the point? We had the Hardys, Edge and Christian, Too Cool, hell even K-Kwik and Road Dogg were an effective tag team.

But what happens now? Two random people who have nothing left to do end up as a tag team, a month or two months later they disband by one of them attacking each other. The last true tag team to break up were The Miz & Morrison.

Then we used to have Intercontinental and US Title champions that meant something. They defended those titles like as if it was their World Championship. Not only those titles, but the Hardcore, European (that title was a mess) and the Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight titles also had some class to them.

It gave the smaller and lesser known wrestlers become more well known and defended the titles in meaningful ways, because if was a platform to the main event. Now the titles get passed around more than the Bellas!

So we have a new bunch of talent. Bryan Danielson (I shall refer to him as that from now, not his slave name Daniel Bryan) is a wrestler that the WWE Universe backed since day one. When he got fired, all you hear was his name being chanted, when he came back, same thing.

When he won that US title from The Miz, it was one of the loudest pops in the PG era, partly because Miz played an Awesome (pun not intended) heel.

Now Bryan Danielson needs a good opponent to feud with to keep the momentum, not keep him with those street curbing women The Bellas.

If they plant a seed that Morrison may turn heel and feud with Danielson, well hopefully that becomes a reality because that would be something the upper mid-card really needs.

I also speak for everyone when I say Christian deserves a WWE Championship because he has worked his butt off for the company not to get one.

The Miz really needs a fresher opponent. I hope he does not go into Wrestlemania as champion, but having said that not for Orton to win the title. I believe everyone is hoping Jerry Lawler gets a chance to be in Wrestlemania and face Miz in a non-title match.

Give the title to CM Punk because we know Cena CAN give us a good match when he needs to, and CM Punk is one of the best wrestlers in the locker room.

To think MVP left because he did not get a push, a guy everyone wanted to get behind, and we see stars like Chavo who keep getting buried when he is one of the best wrestling wise, then Benjamin and Haas getting released, and yet people like Hornswoggle (can I call him a person?), Michael Cole (I just don't like him, but he is OK at times), The Barettas and Curt Hawkins are still not future endeavored?

Out of the Nexus/Corre group who has the chance to become a star? No one except for Wade Barrett, because the rest have looked like one-trick moves and slaves. David Otunga really needs to build his character because he had shown signs, but ended up becoming stale again.

Mason Ryan looks good, he can wrestle because I have seen him live in the UK, so could he be the next big thing? Well later this year most probably.

Justin Gabriel will become an Evan Bourne, just a spectacle but nothing more unless they bring us back the titles for the little guys.

Heath Slater looks like he graduated from the Colin Delaney school of "You Serious?", Ezekiel Jackson could be something if they push him, and Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty need name changes. 

I hope WWE actually push people like Danielson, Barrett, Swagger, Masters, Kofi and Ziggler and actually form real tag teams and give the titles to The Usos, who actually look like a team. 

Thank you for taking your time in reading this article, please comment below on your views. I will be back covering this week's RAW and SmackDown and giving my view before the Royal Rumble PPV and hopefully give my two cents (or two pence) on the PPV itself.