Rey Mysterio Jr: Is a Black-Hearted Heel Turn Possible?

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIJanuary 24, 2011

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio is number one on the list of role models for your kids and number one in their hearts.

The underdog Mysterio really took a liking to many young fans and older fans when he went against all the odds to win the 2006 Royal Rumble.

As kids flock to the barricades at the hope Mysterio will touch heads with them, it could all be over by a flick of the pen.

Does Vince McMahon and WWE Creative Writing have the guts, the brass, and heart to turn Mysterio into a bad guy?

If you would ask me this question during the attitude era, I wouldn't even think twice about answering yes, but now, things are different.

In order for WWE to do something like this, they would need a plan to make sure that his merchandise sells aren't affected, or they have someone else in line to go against Mysterio to get sells back up.

It isn't easy for some of us wrestling fans to think in terms of marketing, but, unfortunately, WWE is a business and isn't immune to the consequences of a crumbling economy.

If WWE were to do a heel turn with Mysterio, it would be perfect to have Alberto Del Rio involved.

Del Rio's character is a good one, but he needs to be spiced up to protect against becoming stale.

What if Mysterio was paid off by Del Rio and became his accomplice?  Not only would it be shocking, it would help build the character of Del Rio.

At this point in Mysterio's career, he has done it all as the guy you love.  At 36 years of age, and nearing the end of his career, why not do something fun in 2011?

While Mysterio was a part of the WCW, he was in a stable known as Filthy Animals, which was WCW's answer to WWE's DX. 

Mysterio wasn't really a villian for the most part, more of a tweener to say the least. However, he didn't have the national popularity then, that he holds now.

Any kind of moment or action to swing fans into the other direction would be very entertaining and draw praise from most people I know.  However, the hearts of many children would be broken.

He can always apologize and return to being the good guy to close out his career, which is what he will be remembered as regardless.  Spending a year as a heel couldn't hurt anything and could be a memorable time in his career.

So will the little Chihuahua known as Rey Mysterio get a new bark, or will he just lay there and do nothing?