NFL Shockers: Five Surprise Players I Never Saw Coming

Peter FleischerSenior Writer ISeptember 16, 2008

With every season, there are shocking starts and endings, surprise impact players, and moves that we never saw coming. So while I'm sure that the Titans won't go 16-0, the Jags won't go 0-16, and Matt Cassel WILL eventually struggle, let's focus on those players that are surprising me right now and making a great first impression during the 2008 season.


5) Michael Turner

I know he had one monster game against the Lions and wasn't that hot against Tampa Bay, but I never expected him to average 131 yards/game. What Turner proved in Week One is that he is a legitimate starter in this league. That is one thing that I truly was not sure of before the season started. So he's gotta make the list.


4) Jay Cutler

Whoa! I certainly did not expect Cutler, who was diagnosed with diabetes in the offseason, to have a strong season this year. But he's been better then strong. He's been an absolute monster. Cutler is averaging three TDs a game and has a QB rating of 118.6, with a Bronco's offense that I never imagined would be deadly through the air; so that's certainly surprising.


3) Aaron Rodgers

I thought Green Bay's A-Rod would play well, but not well enough to make Packers fans forget Brett Favre. Well, after two weeks, Rodgers is making the GB management look like a group of geniuses. As I've always said, his final judgment will come when the season is over, but a 117.8 QB rating can't hurt.


2) Matt Forte

I laughed when Forte was drafted by the Bears, thinking they totally wasted a draft pick. But Forte has been everything that Cedric Benson wasn't in the Windy City, averaging almost 108 yards/game in a offense where people know that they're going to run the ball. He's making Kyle Orton's job a lot easier, and we all know he needs it.


1) DeSean Jackson

I totally wanted the Rams to avoid Jackson in the draft this summer, and now he is totally making me regret it. Although he is a complete idiot (see his end zone celebration against the Cowboys), he appears to have the talent that can translate to the NFL, when most people doubted his size and strength.