NFL Week Three Game Predictions

Matt NewmeyerContributor ISeptember 16, 2008

Last week was a pretty good week for me, as I went 12-3, making me 12-3 on the season due to the fact that I did not make Week One picks. Although I was 12-3 last week, I am slightly disappointed, because with a few breaks, I could've easily been 15-0.

Here's why.

My three losses last week:

1) I picked New Orleans to beat Washington. Washington had a late fourth-quarter comeback, coming from a 24-15 deficit to win 29-24 on a late touchdown.

2) I picked Seattle to beat San Francisco. Seattle had many small leads over the course of the game. However, they lost 33-30 on an overtime field goal.

3) I picked San Diego to beat Denver. Denver dominated most of the first half. However, in the second half San Diego came back and was leading 38-31 with about 30 seconds left. Then Jay Cutler fumbled and it was recovered by San Diego pretty much ending the game.

However, due to a horrible call by the referee, the ball stayed with Denver. Denver then scored a touchdown on 4th-and-goal and got a two-point conversion to win by one.

This week, I am looking to improve as always, but I realize that it may be difficult. Here are my picks for Week Three.


Kansas City vs. Atlanta: This game may be difficult to pick because neither team was good last week, but I feel that Atlanta will bounce back at home and edge Kansas City.


Oakland vs. Buffalo: Buffalo may be the AFC favorite at this point. Oakland still has issues. Easy game: Buffalo wins.


Chicago vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay is coming off a win last week, and the Bears had a late collapse against Carolina, but the Bears will rebound and win this game.


Carolina vs. Minnesota: I am sorry for changing my opinion in this game, but I feel that now that AP is a game-time decision and the Gus bus is playing, I just feel that Carolina won't have much trouble in this one. I am deeply sorry to anyone who this change may hurt.


New England vs. Miami: New England is still good without Tom Brady. Especially against the Dolphins. Patriots win easy.


Cincinnati vs. New York Giants: Super Bowl champs are looking good and are home against weak Bengal team. Giants win easy and move to 3-0.


Houston vs. Tennessee: Houston is coming off a bye (due to Hurricane Ike) and could be rusty. I'm going with the 2-0 Titans at home to pick up the victory.


Arizona vs. Washington: Arizona may be 2-0, but Washington is coming off an impressive comeback victory and will continue the momentum by beating the Cardinals in D.C.


New Orleans vs. Denver: Denver is coming off a very lucky win, and New Orleans is coming off a disappointing collapse. Look for Denver to win this close game.


Detroit vs. San Francisco: This could be an ugly game. Both teams aren't very good, but the 49ers should win this game. After all, they are playing the Lions. San Francisco wins.


St. Louis vs. Seattle: I am happy to announce that one of these teams must win this game, so someone will no longer be winless. I think that team will be Seattle. They win this close and ugly game.


Cleveland vs. Baltimore: Cleveland is getting desperate, and Baltimore is coming off the before mentioned unexpected bye. Cleveland wins the and wins their first game of the year.


Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis: Coming into the year, this would have been the game of the week. Now it is nothing special due to their slow starts. Despite Jacksonville being desperate, Indianapolis wins this close game at home.


Dallas vs. Green Bay: Dallas is coming off a big Monday-night win and the Packers are coming off a beatdown of the Lions, but then again it was the Lions. Dallas wins the tight game in a high-scoring affair.


San Diego vs. New York Jets: The Jets may have the better record, but look for the desperate 0-2 Chargers to destroy the Jets at home. If you remember a couple of years ago, when the Giants went to play an 0-2 Chargers team, the Chargers laid a beatdown on them. Look for the same this week.


Game of the Week

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia: This is a classic in-state rivalry that is always an exciting game. Pittsburgh won the last meeting in 2004 by a score of 27-3. Philadelphia is coming off a heart-breaking loss on Monday night, and Pittsburgh is coming off a tight victory against Cleveland.

However, I feel that the home Eagles will rise to the occasion and edge out Pittsburgh in a close game in Philly. This is my game of the week and it surely will not disappoint.


Hopefully I can repeat my success of last week, however, I think that this week's games are more difficult to pick. Despite this though, you can still feel safe in my decisions because, as I demonstrated last week, I am usually correct. Trust me again, and I will not disappoint. Thank you and happy picking.

An additional note: Matt Hunter and myself will be doing a season long prediction competition. Since he did not make selections for weeks 1 or 2 we are starting this week, and going throughout the rest of the season.
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