Michigan Wolverines Football News - September 16, 2008

Brendan GillespieCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

I know, I know, you've barely been able to live without some Michigan newsletter in your life, and in the first three weeks of the season no less!  Between Internet restrictions lately at work and the bouts of severe depression I've been going through after our opening loss and then the RIDICULOUS loss to Notre Dame last Saturday, I've haven't been able to get out any emails.  Well, expect some extreme catch-up this week as I get everything sent out.  As far as the ND game, I have been getting a crazy amount of shit-talk about our loss, most notably from a guy that barely even knows his own team, but is jumping on his once-in-a-century win over us to do some smack-talking.  Band-wagoner.

How about that OSU – USC game?  Man, I felt bad….

I’ll start out with some Utah game stuff…


Comeback falls short as U-M drops opener



Michigan needs to get creative



Rich Rodriguez doesn't get start he wanted at Michigan



Special teams have green light to take gambles
Element of surprise key part of Michigan's new approach



Ute football: A House Party
Utes trump Wolverines with 25-23 victory in The Big House



Utes: Notes



Same old story for new look Wolverines
Favored Michigan falls - again - in opener



Wolverines drop opener



Victors Walk excites Wolverines fans



Whole new maize and blue for Michigan football



1 Day to Football and Reason #1 to Love Ann Arbor