Scoff With The Off: Undertaker's Enforcer at Mania, Huge Christian News

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2011

What is up bleaches? The Off is back with some Wrestlemania news, more about who is going to be opponents at Wrestlemania, but let's get to it.

                            Kimbo Slice to be Undertaker's "Enforcer" at Wrestlemania

  Word on the inside is that if indeed, Kimbo will be at Wrestlemania; the idea calls for him to be a special enforcer for The Undertaker.

 Is this a good idea? Would you want to see Kimbo at Wrestlemania?

                                          Edge's Possible Wrestlemania Opponent

  There have been a few names brought up to be an opponent at Wrestlemania for Edge's World Heavyweight Championship. The two names that are high up are Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio is up higher than Ziggler on the list, but the way Ziggler has been going lately who knows he may just jump ahead of him.

                                           Christian deemed "Out" for Wrestlemania

  WWE officials have placed Christian in the "won't be ready" category for Wrestlemania. There exact description with him is "touch and go". The thing that I find amusing about this is that, while it may not be the size of John Cena's, Christian's stock with the WWE has been mostly jobbing. So why the concern for Wrestlemania? 

Can he return for Wrestlemania?

WWE Birthdays: 1/23

 Happy Birthday to:  Giant Baba, Dominic DeNucci and Lelani Kai.

 Did You Know?

 HHH's win at the 2005 Survivor Series was his first ever win at that PPV. His debut was in 1995, that's ten straight years without a win at Survivor Series.