College Football Fanatic's Week Four Predictions

College Football FanaticCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

Last week: 14-4

I think I did pretty good last week. Let's see how I do this week.

#25 Fresno State at Toledo, Saturday, 8:15 PM ET

Point Spread: Fresno State -7

Fresno State beat Rutgers 24-7 to start off their season and lost a close one to #8 Wisconsin 13-10. Toledo is 1-1, losing to Arizona but beating Eastern Michigan. Toledo is a decent team this year and this could be a fairly close game, but Fresno State should have this one in the end.

Prediction: Fresno State 38, Toledo 28

#18 Wake Forest at #24 Florida State, Saturday, 7:00 PM ET

Point Spread: Florida State -4

Wake Forest has won their first two games, smacking around Baylor 41-13 and barely edging Ole Miss 30-28. Florida State has beaten two FCS opponents for their first two games. FSU is one of the most overrated teams in the nation. They'll keep it close, but the Deacons will come out with the win here.

Prediction: Wake Forest 23, Florida State 16

South Carolina State at #23 Clemson, Saturday, 1:00 PM ET

Point Spread: No Line

I don't know much about SC State except that they're 2-1. Clemson is 2-1 also but was blown out in the opener by Alabama and has looked shaky so far. SC State, even if they give their best effort possible, is just too overmatched and Clemson will dominate.

Prediction: Clemson 48, South Carolina State 7

#21 West Virginia at Colorado, Thursday, 8:30 PM ET

Point Spread: West Virginia -3

WVU is 1-1, with a 48-21 opening win over Villanova but a 24-3 loss at the hands of #15 ECU. Colorado is 2-0 so far with wins over Colorado State and Eastern Washington. WVU will bounce back from the ECU disaster and easily get past Colorado.

Prediction: West Virginia 38, Colorado 20

#20 Utah at Air Force, Saturday, 4:00 PM ET

Point Spread: Utah -7.5

Utah is 3-0 with great wins over Michigan, UNLV, and Utah State. Air Force is also 3-0, thanks to wins over Southern Utah, Wyoming, and Houston. This will be a great game, and Utah will pull out a close one over the Falcons.

Prediction: Utah 30, Air Force 26

Sam Houston State at #19 Kansas, Saturday, 7:00 PM ET

Point Spread: No Line

Sam Houston State is a 1-0 FCS school. Kansas is 2-1, losing their last game to #12 South Florida. Kansas wins this one in an easy blowout.

Prediction: Kansas 56, Sam Houston State 3

Boise State at #17 Oregon, Saturday, 3:30 PM ET

Point Spread: Oregon -11.5

Boise State has done great so far, starting off 2-0 with a win over Bowling Green, who beat Pittsburgh on opening weekend. Oregon has done even better, starting off 3-0 with their biggest win on the road against Purdue, a 32-26 overtime thriller. I am confident that Boise State can handle the pressure of Autzen Stadium and I am picking them to pull off the upset on Oregon.

Prediction: Boise State 31, Oregon 28

Temple at #16 Penn State, Saturday, 12:00 PM ET

Point Spread: Penn State -28

Boy, do I feel bad for Temple. They won their first game against Army, a 35-7 blowout. But they lost to Connecticut 12-9 in overtime despite playing a great game and lost to Buffalo 30-28 thanks to a final play Hail Mary. So instead of probably being 3-0, they're 1-2. Penn State is 3-0 and has been wiping out opponents. Temple will give a good effort, but it won't even be close to enough. PSU will have this game decided by halftime.

Prediction: Penn State 52, Temple 16

#15 East Carolina at North Carolina State, Saturday, Noon ET

Point Spread: East Carolina -7.5

ECU has had a great start to the season, going 3-0 with wins over #17 Virginia Tech, #8 West Virginia, and a close win at Tulane. North Carolina State has not looked good at all, getting shut out in the opener against South Carolina 34-0 and having a record of 1-2. NC State is by no means an easy team. ECU will pull out the win, but they'll have to give up a big fight for it.

Prediction: East Carolina 35, North Carolina State 30

Wyoming at #14 BYU, Saturday, 3:00 ET

Point Spread: BYU -29

Wyoming has played well so far, going 2-1 with wins over Ohio and North Dakota State. BYU has played great, starting off 3-0 with a 41-17 beating of Northern Iowa, a 28-27 squeaker against Washington, and a 59-0 spanking of UCLA. Wyoming doesn't have a chance in this one. BYU will run away with this one early on.

Prediction: BYU 42, Wyoming 10

Troy at #13 Ohio State, Saturday, Noon ET

Point Spread: Ohio State -21

Troy has not lost yet, going 2-0 but having their game against #6 LSU postponed to Nov. 15. Ohio State is 2-1 but suffered a humiliating loss to #1 USC last Saturday, going down 35-3. The question in this game is whether the Buckeyes have really gotten over USC's domination of them. If the Bucks aren't focusing on this game and are still stunned from the USC game, Troy has a shot to pull out a big upset. If not, Ohio State will control this game, but it won't be easy.

Prediction: Ohio State 35, Troy 24

#12 South Florida at Florida International, Saturday, 5:00 PM ET

Point Spread: South Florida -29

South Florida has proven that they are a very good team this year by beating UCF in an overtime thriller and squeaking past #19 Kansas. Florida International is awful as usual, only scoring 10 points in their first two games and losing both by scores of 40-10 and 42-0. South Florida should win this one in a blowout.

Prediction: South Florida 45, Florida International 7

Massachusetts vs. #11 Texas Tech, Saturday, 7:00 PM ET

Point Spread: No Line

There's no point in discussing this one, Texas Tech will win this one in a complete blowout.

Prediction: Texas Tech 59, Massachusetts 3

#6 LSU at #10 Auburn, Saturday, 8:00 PM ET

Point Spread: LSU -3

If this game lives up to its potential, this will be one of the best games of the year. LSU and Auburn have both started off well, with LSU going 2-0 and Auburn 3-0. Both sides have shaky offenses and that could mean that we might see another 7-3 game like we did in 2006. Hopefully, it'll be a very fun game to watch. Auburn has looked a little less shaky and I'm calling for them to win this game.

Prediction: Auburn 21, LSU 20

#9 Alabama at Arkansas, Saturday, 12:30 PM ET

Point Spread: Alabama -9

Alabama has had a beautiful start to 2008, blowing out #9 Clemson in the opener 34-10 and beating Tulane and Western Kentucky. Arkansas has looked very shaky, beating FCS team Western Illinois 28-24 and beating UL-Monroe just 28-27 despite being 13 point favorites. Alabama should whip Arkansas and make this the start of a rough year for the Razorbacks.

Prediction: Alabama 45, Arkansas 17

Rice at #7 Texas, Saturday, 7:00 PM ET

Point Spread: Texas -30

Rice started off 2-0 but was beaten by the surprising Vanderbilt squad 38-21. Texas has looked great with wins against Florida Atlantic (52-10) and UTEP (42-13). Sorry, Rice, but you have no shot here - Texas wins this one in a blowout.

Prediction: Texas 49, Rice 14

Buffalo at #5 Missouri, Saturday, 2:00 PM ET

Point Spread: Missouri -34

Buffalo has been a good team so far, going 2-1 and nearly pulling an upset on Pittsburgh. Missouri has been the best offensive team in the nation, scoring 52, 52, and 69 in their three games. Buffalo will keep this game close until the fourth quarter, and then Missouri will put it away.

Prediction: Missouri 45, Buffalo 20

#4 Florida at Tennessee, Saturday, 3:30 PM ET

Point Spread: Florida -7

Florida has played great, going 2-0 and beating Miami (FL) 26-3. Tennessee hasn't played up to expectations, losing 27-24 to UCLA in the opener and beating UAB 35-3 in a game where they didn't really start playing well until midway through the third quarter. Florida will win this game if they can stop the Tennessee rushing attack and give Tim Tebow good protection. Tennessee will win if they can contain Tim Tebow, have their defense play like they're supposed to, and get the running game going early. This is at Neyland Stadium and as many teams know, Neyland is one of the loudest venues in the country when sold out. I'm going to predict a Tennessee upset in this one. I'm also going to be at this game on Saturday.

Prediction: Tennessee 20, Florida 17

#3 Georgia at Arizona State, Saturday, 8:00 PM ET

Point Spread: Georgia -7

After years of trying to prove people wrong and failing each time, I have come to the conclusion that Arizona State is the Ohio State of the Pac-10. They make people think that they're a great team by beating low-end Pac-10 opponents and garbage out-of-conference opponents (except for UNLV). Then, when it comes to a big game, they get dominated. Georgia has played well, but needed a lucky fourth quarter fumble to sneak by South Carolina 14-7. Georgia will have control of this one early and they'll win easily.

Prediction: Georgia 35, Arizona State 17



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