NASCAR: 20 Best Fire Suits of 2010

Camille Jones@annaxcamilleContributor IIIJanuary 24, 2011

NASCAR: 20 Best Fire Suits of 2010

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    The new season will bring new sponsorship and a new look for some drivers.

    Each driver has their own personal style, while each sponsor has their own way of presenting them. Reflecting on the changes from the 2010 season, instead of looking at the headline-making paint schemes of the sport, let's take a look at the attire that set each driver apart throughout the year.

20. Dale Earnhardt Jr.- Paint the 88

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    After a fan designed the paint scheme of his No. 88 car through a contest known as "Paint the 88", he just had to have a shockingly green suit to go along with it.

19. Kyle Busch- Doublemint

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    While the look is plain, it comes off cleanly with the light suit and green accents.

    With Kyle's long array of different suits and sponsors he drove for throughout the season, this was one of the simplest designs he wore. 

18. Matt Kenseth- Crown Royal

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    While I can't buy their product, I love their color scheme. The purple stands out, but not in an obnoxious way.

    Clean and accented well, the purple Crown Royal suit has good look to it. 

17. Danica Patrick-

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    There's no missing the green suit in the middle of any media swarm.

    GoDaddy is known for standing out in a crowd, and even at only 5'2", there's no missing Danica in the bright green suit, nor is it hard to miss her driver, Mark Martin (See next slide).

16. Mark Martin-

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    Holding the same sponsorship as just previously shown Danica Patrick, the two both feature the same color scheme for many races.

    With a dab of different style to Mark's fire suit, it sets each of them apart, while they both appear in the lime green spotlight. 

15. Ricky Carmichael- Monster Energy

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    Racing in both the Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide Series several times this past season, Ricky brought on the exciting Monster Energy sponsor to the track. 

    The sponsor's color scheme is also used by Robby Gordon in select races on the Sprint Cup Series schedule. 

    Green must've been in this year, right?

14. AJ Allmendinger- Best Buy

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    While not a stand-out-in-the-crowd look, the blue and yellow Best Buy suit gives off that clean and well put together idea that looks great next to the matching race car.  

13. Jamie McMurray- Bass Pro Shops

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    Though the color combination can come off a bit Halloween-ish, the camouflage gives the fire suit that little bit of taste that fishermen and hunters love. 

12. Kyle Busch- Z-Line Designs

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    After so many trips to Victory Lane in the Z-line Designs sponsored car, seeing the suit became pretty much a part of the weekend's Nationwide race.

    But I've gotta know, is the suit red, red-orange, or salmon? Because every time I see it, it's already been doused in NOS...

11. Danica Patrick- Hot Wheels

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    A uniform and paint scheme adored by young boys and girls (well at least I liked it), the blue Hot Wheels suit stood out as one of many "fan favorites" of the season. 

10. Juan Pablo Montoya- Target

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    Between the bright red suit, the flashy sunglasses, and the huge target across his chest, there's no missing Juan Pablo Montoya.

    The red and white fire suit is a pretty classic look, but he sure does spice it up with the unforgettable shades.

9. Carl Edwards- Aflac

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    This one here is simple: ducks are cute and make even the plainest of suits likeable. 

8. Mark Martin- Ebay Motors

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    White, black, and blue with the traditional multi-colored ebay motors font across the front, this suit was a dramatic difference from his usual "GoDaddy green" fire suit. 

    The change was refreshing, and the suit and car colors came off nicely. 

7. Jamie McMurray- Axe Twist

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    One of the coolest paint schemes NASCAR had all season, with its color changing paint, the Axe Twist car had to have a stand-out suit to go along with it. 

    This idea was definitely a cool switch from his usual McDonald's or Bass Pro Shop suits. 

6. Dale Earnhardt Jr- Amp Energy

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    John Harrelson/Getty Images

    There's no leaving out Dale Earnhardt Jr., and his usual Amp Energy suit.

    Without the obnoxiously blinding colors and ridiculous amount of detail, the green Amp Energy fire suit never seems to get old. 

5. Jeff Gordon- DuPont

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    NASCAR just wouldn't seem like NASCAR without the colorful flames of Jeff Gordon flashing around the track.

    The suit has changed a bit over the years, but seems to never drift away from the flames up the arms and legs. Its going to be odd not seeing the colorful flames each weekend now that he's collected his new "Drive to End Hunger" sponsorship.

4. Danica Patrick- Tissot

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    A Swiss watch manufacturer and stock-car racing never seemed to be a great pair, but the all-black suit with the brand logo is very simple and gets the sponsor's name across without any unnecessary sparkle.

3. Jimmie Johnson- Lowe's

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    Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    The luckiest fire suit in NASCAR... 


    Simple as that.

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr- Wrangler No. 3

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    An unforgettable tribute to his father, the Wrangler No. 3 car made its way back to Victory Lane for what Dale Earnhardt Jr. has declared as the final time.

    The blue and yellow paint scheme brought fans young and old to their feet, where even those who can't stand him the most may have even felt themselves cheering him on even the slightest bit. 

1. Kyle Busch- Sponsafier Aka "Kimmy"

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    Sorry, I had to do it.

    In 2010, there was no beating Kyle Busch's pink suit and car, voted for by fans through Toyota's "Sponsafier" paint scheme contest.

    "Who doesn't love kittens, bunnies, and little baby seals?"

    Very cute Kyle, very cute...

The Best Of 2010

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    Do you agree? Disagree?

    The suits I included either had that traditional feel, or something totally unique and different to them.

    I know this isn't all of the fire suits that NASCAR had in store for us this past season, so take a second below to give me your input on what your favorite "driver attire" was in 2010.