Sting Vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 27: Building the Ultimate Feud

Joe HubbsContributor IIJanuary 23, 2011

Sting Vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 27: Building the Ultimate Feud

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    I have no idea if Sting would ever even think of joining the World Wrestling Entertainment or accepting a Hall Of Fame induction.  There has been speculation for years and all we've ever seen is Sting in Total Nonstop Action.  I don't even know if the WWE WANTS him (though they'd have to be crazy not to).

    But one thing I do know is, if they’re going to do it, this is how they should.

The Announcement (RAW- 2/21)

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    On the Raw after the Elimination Chamber, it is announced that Sting will be an inductee into the 2011 class of the Hall Of Fame

    Furthermore, he will be appearing at this week’s Smackdown to comment on this in person (creating the most-hyped Smackdown in history). is wallpapered with Sting as they’ve got only 4 days to get the word out.

The Acceptance (Smackdown- 2/25)

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    Sting shows up in black jeans, a black shirt, and a black trench coat, with the Crow face paint, clearly not in wrestling attire. He gives a stunning 10 minute shoot promo at the end of the show as to why he never came to the WWE, how much he loves wrestling, and what an honor it is. 

    With 15 seconds left, the lights go out in the arena.  With 5 seconds left, we hear the gong.  The show is over.

Smackdown (3/11) (Two Weeks Later)

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    Sting is back (the off-week was used to hype his return), to say he felt a bit disrespected the last time he was on this show, and he thinks it was by someone who he always heard valued the respect of another wrestler. 

    Sting calls out the Undertaker. 

    The black and the gong occur again. Then the black lights come up and written on the big screen is the date for next week’s SD 3-18-2011.

Smackdown (3/18)

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    Sting comes out to the ring, says he’s here and he’s ready for some answers.

    Taker comes out, stands at the top of the ramp, and talks about his legacy. He says he’s accomplished more in the wrestling world than anyone, but there was one illusive opponent, one man who could match him physically, mentally, psychologically—“You, Sting.”

    Taker tells Sting that if he hasn’t heard, he’s got this little streak going, and he’s spent the last two years proving he is Mr. Wrestle Mania.  Taker can think of no better stage to give himself the ultimate test.

    “Sting, I want your soul. At Wrestle Mania.” Fade to black/gong.  Show over.

Smackdown (3/25)

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    Sting comes out, right down to business.

    “I’m no WWE superstar, I never wanted to be a WWE superstar, and I never will be one. But there is no way I can give up the chance at immortality the like that has never been seen. Deadman, I’ll see you in Atlanta.”

    Crowd cheers, Sting prepares to walk to the back, lights/gong, then on the screen is a tombstone with Sting’s name, RIP, and 4/3/2011.

Smackdown (4/1)

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    Taped interviews air on Smackdown of Jim Ross interviewing the Stinger and the Undertaker separately (the way he did Foley, Austin, Goldust, etc.).

    Taker talks about his physique not being in the best shape, how he is nearing the end of the road, yet he may be facing his biggest challenge.

    Sting talks about proving himself, not only to his fans, his legions of long-time loyal supporters, and not only to the boys in the back, and not only to the Undertaker, arguably the best the WWE has ever had to offer. But to himself, the true test is to prove it to himself.

    The match is set.

Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony (4/2)

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    Sting talks about his life in wrestling, love of the business, yada, yada, yada, then speaks to one more challenge, his final challenge, perhaps his biggest challenge.

    “I’ll see you in the ring, dead man.”

WrestleMania (4/3)

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    The two are given 30-40 minutes, tear the house down, and Taker gets the clean win.

    Undertaker gives props to Sting after the match, and Sting is given a moment in the ring for Atlanta to bathe him in respect and admiration.


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    I am not one who knows what’s going on behind the scenes, but I cannot think of a better way to orchestrate this feud if it were to ever come about.

    I say, screw highlighting the younger talent by doing a job to Taker at WM—give us long time fans that match we never thought we’d see.

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