Russell Westbrook Top 10 Dunk and Mix Tapes: Silliman's Picks

Stan Silliman@@stansillimanCorrespondent IIJanuary 23, 2011

Russell Westbrook Top 10 Dunk and Mix Tapes: Silliman's Picks

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    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    Russell Westbrook is young legs personified.

    He explodes to the basket not unlike Michael Jordan in his prime. He doesn't have Jordan's vertical nor Jordan's massive hands but he has sizzle quickness and a crossover so fast it can't be detected with human eyeballs.

    Plenty of fans have latched on to Westbrook's drive and extended lots of energy creating many mix tapes.

    I've selected my favorites and will try to credit all the mixers if the information is available.

    If you're a Westbrook fan, enjoy. If you're not familiar with Russell and his enthusiasm, take a good look and jump on board the Russwagon.

Westbrook Dunking at Final Four Practice

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    Short 35-second tape going back to when the Bruins were in the Final Four.

    It was produced by 

    Note the slow-motion windmill.

Russell Facials Mario Chalmers

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    Repeat after me: Poor Mario!! Poor Mario.

Posterizing Shane Battier

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    Stylish 80 brings us a no fear, Michael Jordan type dunk where Russell punishes Shane Battier.

    I'm almost reluctant to post this one since Shane is one my favorite players and one of the NBA good guys.

    I sat in a recliner watching a Final Four game in downtown Oklahoma City and guess who was in the next recliner—Shane Battier. He was nothing but nice.

    Here's the irony: The game we were watching featured UCLA and guess who was playing—Russell Westbrook.

Monster Dunk Against Jamal Boykin of California

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    This is one of the plays that enabled Westbrook to be drafted in the Top 5. It showed speed, explosiveness and a complete lack of fear.

    Even though at the time he was a shooting guard with not much of an outside shot, the Thunder felt he could be, in time, an effective PG.

    Give general manager Sam Presti his dues. He saw potential where others only saw athleticism. The statistics prove him out. Westbrook has developed into a top five point guard.  

Super Highlights with Ying Yang Twins Music

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    Redd6412 gives us a nice 4:30 mix with well-rounded highlights. Included are lots of dunks, steals, jumpers, alley-oops, crossovers, splitting defenders and head shaving the rim action. 

    You also get music from the Ying Yang Twins and Homebwoi. Their song is Stand Up and Get Crunk.

    Seriously, how many hip-hop ways are there to spell "boy." Bwoi? That seems to be the Flavor Flav of the month. Boyz? Did that start with John Singleton?

    I know nothing.

    Well actually I do know this is well edited highlight mix. Give Redd6412 his props.

Russell Posterizes Marco Belinelli of Golden State

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    This was collected by maurixjames23 and is included because I like this dunk. It is set up by a pass off the back board but the defender, Marco, thinks he has chance to deny Westbrook his shot.

    Marco may have not anticipated the finishing explosiveness of Westbrook.

    Westbrook rides up on Marco, gets a little boost and finds himself face-to-face with the rim.

    All the more embarrassing for Marco, it was on Golden State's court.


Westbrook Is a Beast with a Heart of a Champion

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    DominicAquino22 created this 4:19 mix. He used Nelly and the Lincoln University Vocal Ensemble as background with their "Heart of a Champion."

    There's nice editing, bits of slo-mo, some pieces from You can tell Dominic appreciates the Westbrook.

Good Thing Lamar Has Chloe Karadasian to Salve the Wounds

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    Godzilla dunk on Lamar Odom. Lamar loses all his hair over this dunk. All the Kardasians are plotting their revenge on Russell Westbrook.

    This was posted by yt2010upload.

Freaka on Emeka, Dunking on Okafor

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    In this one-minute video, Russell Westbrook dunks on Emeka Okafor.

    When you dunk on a noted shot blocker it's special.

    The original youtube is from and stylish80 captures this clip for us.

Kanya West's "Touch The Sky"

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    Here's a mix tape by Limit6.

    The mix starts off with Kanya West and Lupe Fiasco's song "Touch the Sky."

    What an appropriate song considering all the rim rattles in this mix.  

    Hope you enjoyed these. Westbrook's game is growing every month. In a few years I expect him to be recording triple doubles like he was Jason Kidd.

    And they may not just be points, rebounds and assists. You may occasionally find the fastest man in basketball knocking out double-digit steals.