Don't Worry, Titans Fans: Vince Young Will Be Back

Kody BrannonCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

The NFL is a different animal than college football. While in college, Vince Young was able to run at will against any defense and win games with his legs. He has now crossed over to the NFL, and, unlike in college, he has defensive ends that are as fast as he is. 

While he has done some amazing things in the short time he has been in the league, Young has learned a hard lesson that NFL fans expect great things immediately. The pressure to win now has been one of the big factors in his struggles and well-publicized problems.

Young has been written and talked about negatively more in the last couple weeks than he ever has in his entire life. For somebody who has always been the best athlete on the field all his life, it's likely a hard pill to swallow.

Everybody has blown out of proportion the fact that he was upset from a bad game. Everybody has bad days and gets upset, but for the average Joe, we don’t have 20 sportswriters watching our every move. Otherwise, we all would probably have the occasional meltdown.

Reports went from the temper-tantrum on the sidelines to he left his house with a gun and was suicidal. Turns out, he just wanted to go watch Monday Night Football and eat wings.

For Young, the next couple weeks while rehabbing his knee will be crucial for him. He needs to get his knee fixed and focus on getting his head back in the game.

If he can overcome this little episode and learn to let the criticism roll off of his back, he will be a better quarterback for it. And this will spell trouble for the rest of the league.

Yes, Titans fans, Young will overcome this and he will be the quarterback that you need him to be. Just give him the time he needs to grow as a player and as a man. You will benefit in the long run.