The Humbling Of a Rookie: DeSean Jackson's Monday Night Football Highlight

James SenbetaCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

The Eagles have finally found a special wide receiver in the NFL draft for once in so many years of Andy Reid's tenure as head coach, or Jeffery Lurie as owner/chairman. In fact, Philly may have not drafted a wideout this good since Cris Carter in 1987.
DeSean Jackson has electrified teammates, fans, and sports commentators with his skills as a receiver and kick returner, drawing comparisons to other small talented players like Steve Smith and Santana Moss. His drawback: He knows he's so good that his confidence will sometimes border cockiness.

Case in point, Monday night's football game versus the Dallas Cowboys. Jackson had a 61-yard bomb from McNabb straight into the end zone for six points, but he celebrated a bit too early. Not only did he cost fantasy owners of him and Donovan McNabb points in head-to-head matchups, he also took off the board his first ever-professional touchdown.

I must admit though it was not a bad dance (hint the sarcasm). He was very lucky Roy Williams or Adam Jones decided not to turn around to pick up the ball after getting scorched in frustration or to hand it to the referee. Once the review from the Cowboys was initiated, DeSean finally had a view on the big screen of his nearly costly fumble.

Since no Dallas player touched the football before the play was called dead, the Eagles were rewarded the ball at the one yard line. Brian Westbrook takes the handoff and flips his way into the end zone for the touchdown, as in the story photo. Jackson, after Westbrook's score, congratulates his teammate and thanks him for saving his behind from further embarrassment.

Westbrook went on to score all of Philadelphia's offensive touchdowns against the Cowboys with only 103 yards of total offense. The incident brought up a past situation in which he once again fumbled at the one yard line celebrating too early in high school.

Some may say DeSean Jackson will end up uncontrollable, a la Terrell Owens. In the opinion of this writer the repeated play of the fumble of his first possible touchdown on ESPN will be enough to humble the rookie. On the bright side he has averaged over 100 yards receiving in his first two games, becoming one of McNabb's favorite targets as Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown are still out with injury.