Someone Please Pull The Plug On Max Kellerman, The Man Is an Ignorant Dweeb

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIJanuary 22, 2011

Who did this guy blank, anyway?
Who did this guy blank, anyway?Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Earlier today I accidentally turned on the new Max Kellerman Radio Show here in Los Angeles. When I did was pleasantly surprised to here Max announce that his month old show was coming to an end. 

Thanks goodness, I thought to myself. Enough is enough. 

I should have known there was a catch. Normally when a sports-talk host gets sent to the showers, the station lets them know at the end of a broadcast and security walks said host out of the building. Then the next day listeners are surprised to find a new host yakking away in that slot like nothing ever happened. So when Kellerman kept teasing that he had "a big announcement" I should have known something was up. 

I was right. Starting Monday old Maxie will have a co-host, which means that he will continue to foul the LA airwaves during his midday time slot.

I'm not sure how Max continues to work, but he does. I have to assume it involves pictures of broadcast execs in compromising situations or worse.

I didn't listen to his announcement today because I had to shut him off. He's that bad.

And now that I know he will continue on at ESPN, I have decided to take the further action and remove ESPN from button presets as well. That's the kind of drastic action that a cancer like Kellerman demands.

Today he was waxing, or is that Maxing, poetically about Kobe Bryant defending Carmelo Anthony and his trade demands. He claimed that made the Kobester a man of the people, and then he went on to suck up to LeBron James and the Miami Heat while bashing the city of Cleveland for no apparent reason.

And this went on for three hours. Maybe four, since I shut it off after that.

That was all he had to say for the entire program.

Oh, and he mentioned he liked Blake Griffin. Real original take there, Maxie.

The thing about Max is that he really likes the sound of his own voice, even if we don't. And he believes that coming in with one take and beating it to death is the same thing as being entertaining.

He's been doing that after boxing matches ever since HBO moved him onto it's announcing team. And now he does it on CNN as well as ESPN radio.

The worse he gets at his job, the more he works. 

Kellerman is a walking, talking example of the Peter Principal. I don't usually root for people to fail but with Max I'm going to have to make an exception.

The fact is, I don't know one boxing fan that enjoys Max on HBO.

Most people I know want drunk, old Larry Merchant back.

Larry is a better interviewer hammered than Maxie-boy is when stone-cold sober. 

Anyway, I don't know what we can do to get rid of this guy. Maybe start a petition or something.

I just know I won't be listening to ESPN radio anymore. At least until they pull the plug on Kellerman and tell him to hit the bricks. 

Let's hope it happens soon.