Thayer He Blows: Watch FOX's Thayer Evans Suffer After Auburn's BCS Title Win

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Thayer He Blows: Watch FOX's Thayer Evans Suffer After Auburn's BCS Title Win
He looks disgusted by something... is the the AFCA Coaches' Trophy, Heisman Trophy, AP Poll Trophy or Grantland Rice Trophy?

I think we're all familiar with's Thayer Evans.

You know, the guy that wrote the article called "Don't Vote Newton for Heisman" and also reported that Cam Newton cheated thrice at Florida (according to one unnamed source he didn't identify and later the news was shot down by the University of Florida).

Auburn fans want some payback on this guy. Well, the video you're about to see is a nice start.

The video was found on the popular Auburn Tiger blog site,

Here is a link to the video.

Notice, in the background, the man wearing a beige suit. He doesn't seem like a happy camper at all.

At the beginning of the video, he is to the left of Auburn head coach Gene Chizik's head. You need to look closely, but it only takes one time seeing his creepy head to be able to follow him the rest of the video.

He must be a bigger moron than we thought, standing as close to Cam Newton as he did. One man, blasting this student-athlete for months, would dare to walk that close to a 6-5, 250-pound. man.

Fortunately for Evans, Cam chose not to break his neck, which he could have easily done with his eyes closed. Also fortunately for Evans, no Auburn fans, or any college football fan who believes in integrity in journalism overall, knows where he lives.

51.... it's the number of touchdowns Cam Newton scored for Auburn this season and the number of times Thayer Evans has put on hair gel in the past three days.

He also approached Newton in a way that looked like he was very intimidated. It was obvious he was thinking, "Holy crap... I didn't know he was that big or muscular."

That's like standing right outside the jail cell of the guy you wrongfully accused of a very bad crime. It's a bad idea.

Fortunately, Cam chose not to notice the gel-lover standing behind him. Apparently, sticks, stones nor words can break Newton's bones, let alone hurt him.

Thayer, it's not unnamed sources telling us you don't like Auburn winning the national championship. It's caught on camera, baby.

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