Green Bay Packers Defense: How to Plan the Attack On the Steelers

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIJanuary 26, 2011

Clay Matthews looking somewhat subdued
Clay Matthews looking somewhat subduedKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After the outstanding (for Packer fans) Green Bay Packers-Atlanta Falcons game on Jan. 15, 2011, Manpig (my husband) and I were breaking down the game, as we have been known to do. There is always something in a game that we find interesting and this was no exception.

Offense: Spectacular.  Who would've thought that the Packers had a running game?  Where was it all this season?  Who could believe that James Starks was hidden right in plain sight?  Aaron Rodger's play?  Stellar.     

Defense: Absolutely fantastic.  Did they break down the Falcon's offense?  You betcha.  Did they make all the right plays?  Pretty much perfect.  How could they be any better?

Special teams?  Great.

So, how could this game be made any better and more exciting?  The answer was simple: We watched Clay Matthews on the sidelines. 

During the Atlanta-Green Bay game, there were quite a few shots of Clay Matthews on the sidelines.  He was pacing, walking up and down the sidelines with purpose.  When it was his time to play, he SPRINTED onto the field, ready for any challenge that came his way. 

And the look on Clay Matthews' face?  Priceless.  He looked rabid, like he was going to start running out onto the field and tackling anything that got in his path.  

Photographer in the way?  GORE (old school WWE Rhyno reference)!  Opposing team's water boy?  GORE!  Innocent bystander in the stand?  GORE!  Clay Matthews paced, he yelled, he was excited to be there.  And so were we.

Not only did Clay Matthews look vicious, but the whole team looked like they were itching for a fight, ready for anything and able to take on whatever came their way.  Not only did they play like champions, but they were enthusiastic, like champions.  And that is just what we need to see on Super Bowl Sunday. 

I am not naive enough to believe that the Packers are going to walk into Dallas and not have a fight on their hands.  The Steelers are a tough team, with Super Bowl experience. 

However, seeing the Atlanta game reassured me that the Packers are a cohesive team that are unstoppable when they have the motivation and teamwork that they showed during the Falcons game. 

In conclusion, could someone please tell the Packers coaching staff to do whatever they can to bring that enthusiasm to Dallas? 

If you need to play Slayer songs in the locker room so Clay Matthews goes crazy, so be it.  Your ears will only bleed for a few days and you would probably be amazed at the artistic quality that death metal can have.  Quit whining and rock out! 

If you need to hire a Feng Shui expert to re-do the locker room's vibe and bring inner peace and contemplation, DO IT AND LIKE IT.  Whatever you did in Atlanta, please do it again times two.  The fans of the Green Bay Packers would appreciate it.