Cowboys-Eagles: Dallas Brought Their Popcorn and Their "A" Game to MNF

Stephen NowlinContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

With a MNF game that was nothing short of spectacular, the Cowboys and Eagles gave us our money and time's worth tonight. From the seven lead changes to a rookie having a premature touchdown celebration, it was certainly a night of memories.  

We all know of the classic rival between these two teams. With T.O. already having the need to prove to his old team that he is the better player, we knew to expect a great show of athleticism and showing off.  

The first quarter had plenty of drama for every fan. With scores from every aspect of the game, we didn't know where to start. Philadelphia striking first blood with a field goal by kicker Dave Akers (who went an impressive 3-for-3 for the night) was soon answered by none other than the infamous Terrell Owens with a 72-yard pass from Tony Romo, which was actually his longest completion of his career.

The end of the first quarter was filled with Akers second field goal and an explosive 98-yard kick off return for the Cowboys' second touchdown of the night.

The second quarter turned out to be nothing less than a shootout. Touchdown after touchdown. Thanks to what we will call a questionable call, Brian Westbrook had an impressive second quarter, with a six-yard TD pass from McNabb and a rushing TD from one yard out.

Akers kicked his third FG, and T.O had the only Dallas TD, followed by a jaw-dropping 51-yard FG by Dallas' own Nick Folk.

Although the second quarter was intense, with both teams on the end zone spectrum, Tony Romo also made the highlight reel for all the wrong reasons. Romo had a double fumble, if you will, in the end zone. No worries, just a quick call to his girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, and she talked him back into the game.

Finally, in the third quarter, we hear from Cowboys RB Marion Barber with a 17-yard pass reception. Wait, are both team's rushing players wanting to be this year's most versatile player?

Either way, we are seeing what these two rivals are made of. With Westbrook's third rushing TD, Nick Folk's second FG, and Barber's second TD, we had a slower scoring final quarter. But to keep the excitement rolling, both teams showed us some great defense.

DeMarcus Ware, with a possibly game-saving sack, of McNabb and a Cowboys stop to the Eagles' final attempt of the game, which, by the way, was the old hook-and-ladder play.

The Cowboys held out to win the game with a record-scoring MNF game of 41-37.

So, with that all said, what could possibly make this night any better? Well, let me tell you. How about Romo with 312 total passing yards, 3 TD, 1 int, and a 21-for-30 pass-completion ratio.

Ok, now its time for the big numbers. The Cowboys, as a team, had a total receiving yardage of 632. No there is no need to check your glasses, the rushing total was an impressive 235.  

The Eagles having quite a night as well. McNabb with 281 passing yards, 1 Td, 0 INT, and a pass completion ratio of 25-for-37. The Eagles had a receiving total of 673 and a rushing total of 186 yards.

With such an explosive night on the receiving end, I sure hope these two teams are receiving frequent flyer miles. Even Wade Philips got involved, with an impressive 25-yard run along side Felix Jones in his 98-yard FG return. So don't say the coaches don't get involved.

With the Cowboys now at 2-0, can they hold on to this momentum and become the Super Bowl team we all know they can be? Can the Eagles come back from this tough loss and a 1-1 record and set the pace to show us they have what it takes?

What an amazing season we are seeing this year. If that isn't enough football to hold you over until next weekend, then you might want to get some therapy.