Fantasy Footballers Are Like Rodney Dangerfield: They Get No Respect!

Matt HainesContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

This may just be anger talking, but I had to voice my opinion on the NFL and how, through its careful thought of what would be best for the teams, it consequently ignores the fans.

The subject: The NFL higher-ups and their impact on fantasy football.

The situation: The postponed Ravens-Texans game.

This may be a delicate situation for some, seeing the impact that Hurricane Ike has had on their living arrangements and all, but this is about football.

I feel that, in postponing this game, the NFL has screwed over some fantasy players. These would be those few (like me), who had either Ravens or Texan players on their fantasy rosters. Some may say that they are wastelands for fantasy players, but that's not entirely the case.

What about Andre Johnson, who is one of the top rated wide receivers in fantasy football? Or Willis McGahee, who was held out for Week One and looked as though he was going to come into Houston all riled up and ready for points?

Matt Schaub and Joe Flacco may possibly be valuable players in extremely large leagues, or (like the one I play in), leagues with flex quarterbacks. And don't forget Owen Daniels and Todd Heap, two very viable options at tight end...Well at least Daniels is.

If you haven't guessed by now, I have a few of those players. Three, in fact. I own Schaub and McGahee, who were both resting on my bench. And I had Daniels in my starting lineup. And if you haven't realized what happened to me this week, I'll spoil the suspense and tell you I lost...Final score: 90.15-89.55.

Now, I'd love to blame this all on Drew Brees' performance against the Redskins, or the fact that T.J. Houshmandzadeh is looking a lot like a bust this year, but I just can't seem to do that. I can't stop myself from saying that if Daniels played, he'd at least get six yards, and I would've won.

In fact, I'd love to go further and say had I known the game was cancelled, I might've dropped him and just grabbed another tight end. But the thing is: I didn't know the game was postponed to Week 10 until after the Eagles and Cowboys had kicked off.

I may have just missed something, but I watch ESPN and I'm on football sites all the time, and I just did not see this. I don't know when the decision was made, but I'm pretty confident it was after Saturday night, because none of my friends knew what was going on, either.

I can't complain on what the NFL did, but then again, didn't this happen with the Saints three years ago? And didn't they play their home game at Giants stadium because the Giants were scheduled to travel to the Superdome that week?

I don't know why that wasn't a viable solution for the two teams—to play the game in Baltimore. I mean, I get the decision, and I understand that it's a lucky break both teams had a bye on Week 10, so it works out rather nicely for the NFL, but still, I feel there should've been better warning.

Like I said, there might've been fair warning and I just missed it, but grr! I wish I hadn't have if this was the case.

Again, this is just an angry response to the way this was handled, and I don't want to offend anyone in what I am saying. I assure you my prayers are going out to the city of Houston and surrounding areas affected by the storm.