BCS Busters and Comeback Conferences: My Take on Week Three

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 15, 2008

USC is still the class of the Pac-10

I know they play well out of conference and struggle in conference, but over this past weekend, the rest of the Pac-10 didn’t exactly strike me as contenders.

Arizona State, the favorite to compete, lost to UNLV in OT.  Oregon needed double overtime to make a comeback win at Purdue.  On top of that, they lost another QB.  Oregon State won, but they played Hawaii.  Arizona lost to New Mexico.

Cal went to Maryland and got beat.  UCLA and Washington got blown out by BYU and Oklahoma respectively.  Stanford lost at TCU.  Washington State traveled to, played, and lost to Baylor in the same day.

It would take a pretty drastic turnaround for the Pac-10 to be considered even the second-best conference this year.

Pre-season HYPE machines

Virginia Tech at LSU last year, and now Ohio State at USC.  I didn’t buy into the hype of either game.  I don’t think Beanie Wells would have made any difference to the outcome of this game.

USC was clearly the better team.  I fully expect them to be playing for the National Championship unless THEY mess it up for themselves.  I don’t see a team out there that can beat them.

I believe in BYU now

I wondered about them after they struggled with Washington.  After seeing what they did to UCLA, I now firmly believe in the Cougars.  Max Hall, Dennis Pitta, and Harvey Unga are a three-headed offensive monster.  Hall is a methodical QB who finds his playmakers.  Pitta catches pretty much anything thrown his way.  Unga runs over anyone in his way.

Speaking of BYU

I think we should take another look at the potential BCS busters.  BYU is at the top of my list right now.  East Carolina is still right there, but while they dispatched two ranked teams, they had trouble with Tulane.  Fresno State is probably out of it, but Boise State could still give the WAC a third in a row.  They go to Oregon next week.

Can I change my mind on Auburn?

I said I thought they could go undefeated this year, but now I am not so sure.  3-2 over Mississippi State?  Hell, 3-2 over anyone isn’t exactly a score that screams greatness.  Some might say, “but Mississippi State is a SEC team.”  True, but they are the same SEC team that lost to Louisiana Tech from the WAC.

South Florida or Connecticut in the BCS?

Seems weird, right?  Who else does anyone see winning the conference?  I don’t know which one it will be, but I would put good money down that one of these two teams is the Big East champion and gets the conferences BCS bowl birth.

The ACC is starting to recover

After the opening week, the ACC has started gaining ground to not be the worst BCS conference.  I would still be surprised to see their champion in the National Championship, but with Maryland beating Cal and North Carolina beating Rutgers, the conference took a step forward after a few steps back.

Ohio State out—Penn State, Wisconsin in

Right now the class of the Big Ten, in my opinion, is Penn State, followed closely by Wisconsin.  Ohio State is still in the mix, but if they win the Big Ten, what does that say about the Big Ten on the national scale when the champion can’t beat powers from other conference?

Buffalo-Temple has the makings of a good rivalry

Did you see that highlight?  It was Flutie-esque.  Buffalo, trailing at the end of the game, throws the Hail Mary and completes it to win the game by two.  Buffalo blew out Temple last year 42-7.  2006, though, was a 9-3 overtime win for Buffalo.

Losing in OT one year and by Hail Mary another—I have a feeling Temple won't soon forget and will make it interesting soon enough.