Top 10 Web Sites for Sports Trolls

Lisa HornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterSeptember 15, 2008

Internet troll def: a malicious malcontent who roams the internet and does drive-by comments, argues with no logic, and hurls insults out of jealousy or stupidity.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of sports sites out there who attract this type of keyboard coward. After watching your team kick the crap out of another team and finishing a 12 pack, you need a place to go vent. Go talk some smack.

God forbid, no real man or woman would spout off the verbal diarrhea in person. Nope, these pillow-biters have to go on-line and spew their biting, albeit sometimes, comical take on current events, racially spiteful views, or just plain ignorance. They call people "morans" or say "your stupid" and leave everyone who reads their comments in fits of laughter. Pot, meet kettle.

Sometimes, they actually talk about sports, but most of the time, they are just leaving comments because no sane person would listen to them in person without slapping them in the face or throwing sand on them at the beach.

Wimps, cowards, dregs of society, unite. We have found the top ten Web sites for you to be amongst your own.


If you want to get immediately noticed and immediately booted, then this is the place for you to go. The faster you get booted, the more you can brag to your drunken buddies about how you got published on a major Web site for ten minutes. For added fun, make sure to start a blog that has a foul word in it, or "so-and-so sucks."


You can go to this Web site and chat with a couple of lonely Domers holed up in a closet and when things get rough, they start lashing out at anyone who criticizes a crappy team.

Myopic, tunnel-visioned, blinded-by-green Irish fans can go here and be one of the fifty people a day who visits the site. Don't let the holy title of the site scare you off...they have written many blogs ripping anyone who dares to disagree with them. For a troll bonus, check out their weekly predictions (always a win, even against USC) and then see how they crumble after the game.


The two Web site founders are actually pretty funny. If you have a comment you want to leave them, this is their suggestion box: "Comments? Questions? Long strings of profanities directed at something we said?"

This is the site to go to if you want to talk a little sports, talk a lot about a nipple sighting from Britney, or want to vote on what Jimmy Clausen's new hairdo should be called. Sophomoric, light, and perfect for trolls who don't want to get too technical in sports.


Feeling a little immature? Think great journalism is using profanity in every other word? Perfect! Drink some Southern Comfort under the bleachers with your middle-school aged friends and then read their enlightening stories. If the f-bombs and crude jokes don't get you fired up to type something really lame, there's something wrong with you.


The site is designated as a blog for all teams that suck. This week, the Vols are featured. If you hate the Vols, then get into your best troll trance and join in on the fun. If you have broken up with your girlfriend, got fired, or just need a place to go laugh at another's expense, this is the place.


While the sports site itself is well-designed and well-written, the blogging community seems to attract a lot of know-it-alls. Blog something that some of their senior bloggers disagree with, and you will get nailed from all of their hanger-ons. You know nothing, they know everything.  If you have a weak spine, don't go there, but if you feel like mixing it up with some arrogant wanna-be sportswriters, go for it.


Too embarrassed to buy a National Enquirer at the news stands? Want to get more in touch with your feminine side? Want more gossipy content than real sports content? Then is just the place for you.

Get catty with this sports celebrity gossip Web site. They get a kick out of athletes' wives more than anybody else. If sneering, light sports, and Playboy cheesecake shots float your boat, then have a Mango wine cooler before leering at all of the pictures, ads, etc...


Just click on your favorite team's index tab and start mouthing off like the true obnoxious fan you are. The troll-like atmosphere is perfect for loud-mouths who want to shoot their mouths off about how bad another team is, how great their team is, and most importantly, rarely does anything get flagged for content. It's a free-for-all for football blowhards who can never shut up.


A place for all Red Sox fans, that in itself should give you the mentality of its users. Yankees fans who feel up for a good fight have been known to crash the site with even more vulgar profanity than the Sox fans. Some of the threads are so priceless, you have to wonder what these people do for a living. Obnoxiousness has a home on the Web. Warning: vulgar language and delusional fans.


Believe it or not, this site has actually calmed down a bit since Will left, but it's damn entertaining, and still ranks at the top. The comments usually have nothing to do with an actual blog, and instead, will focus on something mundane like what bra size another commentator wears. Your comment has to be approved for creativity and snark, so most of the commentators say outrageous things just to get posted.

The comments themselves are pretty funny, but the best of the best trolls hang out here hoping to be noticed by all of the editors of major Web sites. At least, that's what their delusions of grandeur are.