Beat Mike Week 3

Mike DiMauro@miked31784Senior Writer ISeptember 15, 2008

Beat Mike
Season 10, Week 3
Brian LaValley Week

Welcome to Week 3 everyone! Just to let everyone know, the Baltimore-Houston game got postponed to November 9 because of Hurricane Ike, not Mike, lol! The Cincinnati-Houston game will be on October 26 and the Baltimore-Houston game will be on November 9. Cincinnati will get their bye on November 9, while both Houston and Baltimore got their bye this past week.


Week 3 of this season has been dedicated to someone that has played in all 10 seasons. This past February, he was named the BMN VP. Week 3 of the MFL1 season will feature the Orlando Campers playing vs. this person's Chicopats in their first home game of the season. His name is Brian LaValley and he and I knew each other since his family joined PV8 in 1990. We ran against each other for the Teen Presidency and he won both times. He has been a supporter of BMN since the beginning and I am honored to dedicate this week to him!

Here are the games for Week 3:

Kansas City @ Atlanta (CBS)
Oakland @ Buffalo (CBS)
Tampa Bay @ Chicago (Fox)
Carolina @ Minnesota (Fox)
Miami @ New England (CBS)
Cincinnati @ New York Giants (CBS)
Houston @ Tennessee (CBS)
Arizona @ Washington (Fox)
New Orleans @ Denver (Fox)
Detroit @ San Francisco (Fox)
St. Louis @ Seattle (Fox)
Cleveland @ Baltimore (CBS)
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (CBS)
Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia (CBS)
Dallas @ Green Bay (NBC)
New York Jets @ San Diego (ESPN)

DEADLINE: Sunday, September 21 @ 12:55PM ET

1. I would like to thank all who supported me for the Autism Walk at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA on September 13. I am going to be supporting my team for the Orlando Autism Walk on November 15 @ Wide World of Sports @ WDW.
2. It is not too late to play Beat Mike! There is still room for you to play. Play today, e-mail me your picks at!
3. Want a chance to win a t-shirt and beat the sports guys from and WGGB 40? Here's your chance! You can log onto this site,, and play along and if you BEAT THE SPORTS GUYS, you will have a chance to win a t-shirt and a chance to win a great grand prize at the end of the season.

Good Luck in Week 3 everyone!

Mike DiMauro